Leveling Up Your Residential Floors for the New Year

Safety must always start at home with your residential concrete Los Angeles. So this year, a timely resolution that you need is changing the damaged floors. Ensure that the floors are leveled without any hotels or slanting spots that can trigger accidents.
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To do this, you will need expert flooring contractors to help you plan and build the perfect, sustainable floors that support the entire house. Make it your goal to provide a safe, accident-free space for the members of your household.

Residential Floors 2022: Safe Space With Quality Floors

In today’s blog, you will learn essential perspectives when resurfacing the concrete floors to achieve a smooth and even surface. There are two.

1. Before Installing Rigid Flooring, Determine If Your Substrate Is Even Enough and Learn How To Install It

The critical part of the floor that would ensure a seamless surface is the substrates. An expert installer may pour all its skills making sure the concrete mix adheres to the substrates perfectly.


However, if the substrates hold the issues that damage the cement, you need to repair the floor from its core. Check out and research the different concrete problems that show you appropriate methods for deteriorating slabs with slab jacking, etc.


Here are common issues that happen on the substrates:

  • Moisture Issues

Moisture weakens the concrete substrates, and its presence also affects the reinforcement of the cement floor. When the steel support of the cement erodes, it would no doubt destroy the cement materials as well.
A crumbling concrete obviously would create an unleveled floor.

  • Insufficient Adhesion

Insufficient hold of the concrete compound on the slabs happened when the concrete did not cure properly. Not curing correctly would be the effect of the consistency of the cement mix, and it may be too damp or too thick.


Thus insufficient adhesion would cause certain areas on the flooring surface to be uneven. When a concrete is too damp, it may create a sinking surface. If it is too thick or dry, a crack sword soon appears and grows, causing holes on the surface.

crumbling concrete floor
  • Complications from

Previous Flooring Materials
Hence, it is always important to check and analyze concrete as you resurface. You may have old materials such as wood or tiles, and removing old flooring would create uneven substrates. Or it may also be due to old coatings that had damaged the substrates even before concrete resurfacing.

2. Analyze Your Current Flooring

A sure way to level up the floors is to ensure proper maintenance. The critical step that you do with care is to evaluate the current condition of the floors.

Analyze the slabs for the surface down to its layer underneath the surface.

One standard method that expert flooring contractors do is to check the degree of the damage on the cracks. Before patching a hole or dent on the floor, a concrete installer performs a process known as chiseling the concrete.

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