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The overlay looks great. The stain? Divine. But without proper sealing, the concrete surface would be prone to damage. It is important to seal your pool deck or patio to give it that extra layer of protection from moisture, dirt, and stains. With a coat of sealer, the floor would most likely stay damage-free longer than an unsealed surface would. Read on to learn more about quality sealing in Los Angeles.

Why Seal Concrete?

Imagine going to the beach and staying under the sun without sunscreen. Without the much-needed protection, skin can get hot and burnt. The same goes for concrete. It acts as a sunscreen against harmful elements. Aside from protection, it also help enhance the look of a floor. It intensifies a color’s depth while making it more pronounced. It also adds the right shine, depending on what type of finish is chosen.

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What to Use to Seal Concrete?

It is important to note that sealing new concrete is a big no-no. The surface must be completely cured, probably requiring 28 days minimum, to keep the sealer from peeling or fading. There are many different types of sealers. Knowing the right one to use is crucial. Applying the wrong type could jeopardize the slab underneath. Here are four popular sealers recommended by most contractors:

Penetrating – This type of sealer penetrates deep into the surface, making it an effective protective system against freeze-thaw and deicing salt damage. It does not create a thin film on the surface, allowing any moisture vapor to escape from within the slab freely.

Acrylic – Known as the most affordable sealer type, this can last up to 1 to 3 years, depending on usage, before it would require a resealing. This dries in just a few hours after application.

Epoxy – Made of two components, a resin and a hardener, this is perfect for use on floors with high traffic. However, it has a tendency to turn yellowish when exposed to the sun’s UV rays, which is why it is only limited to indoor use only.

Polyurethane – This creates a thin protective film on the surface of a floor. It is probably the most durable sealer, which is why it is often used on industrial and commercial floors. It can be used on both indoor and outdoor surfaces and can be applied regardless of weather temperature.

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It is a necessity to have durable and long-lasting floors. Sealed surfaces can do that and more. We at Decorative Concrete Surfaces are proud to present concrete services and solutions for your pool deck, patio, driveway or garage. Our team of specialists have been in the industry for over four decades now. Long enough to be equipped with the proper skill and knowledge on sealing in Los Angeles. Need more info? Give us a call. We look forward to hearing from you.



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