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Most people are used to a concrete surface that is plain and gray. Although concrete in its raw, utilitarian look is an ideal look for some, there are those who want something more colorful. The first instinct is to cover it up with a colorful material, such as a carpet, tiles, and other decorative materials. There is a more practical solution: Colored Concrete.

One great thing about concrete is its versatility. Not only can it be molded in many different ways, it cafloorn also be colored in a variety of colors. You don’t have to endure the plain gray color that concrete naturally comes in. With colored concrete, you can mix and match your concrete surfaces with the rest of the house.

Why Coloring Concrete is a Good Idea

More and more people are opting to have their concrete surfaces colored rather than investing in materials that cost a lot more. Aside from being an economical choice, other benefits of colored concrete are:

  • Wide Color Selection – Choosing a palette for a colored concrete project will definitely be fun with the wide variety of available hues to choose from. To make things more interesting, you can even mix and match the colors to create more interesting colors.
  • Can Replicate High-End Materials – Some color applications yield results that make the concrete look like real stone, brick, pavers, tile, and even wood.
  • Repair Option for Cosmetic Issues – Coloring concrete is a highly recommended method of disguising stubborn stains and the natural discoloration that concrete goes through.

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Top Colored Concrete Options for Pool Deck, Patio, Driveway, Interior Concrete Floor, and More!

Stained Concrete – Concrete stains come in two types: water-based and acid stain. Both are highly popular because they penetrate deep into the slab, creating vibrant and long-lasting colors. Acid stains create a chemical reaction that induces creative effects and varying tones similar to natural stone. Water-based stains do not react chemically and, instead, creates uniform colors.

Integral Color – This coloring method involves integrating the color into the concrete as it is being mixed. Once the color has been spread evenly, the concrete is poured and leveled into a slab. Because it is integrated, the color lasts longer. However, the color may also be less vibrant than other types of coloring systems.

Dry-Shake – This is a powdered coloring agent that is broadcasted on the top layer of a newly poured slab or a stamped concrete overlay. The powder is absorbed by the wet concrete and the color dries along with it.

Dye – Like stains, this coloring agent also comes in two types: solvent and water-based. This, however, does not cause any chemical reactions and it dries to a more translucent finish.

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Old, stained, and ugly concrete floors can be quite an eyesore. Decorative Concrete Surfaces offer a cost-effective solution that not only addresses stubborn stains and discoloration but also enhances the existing concrete flooring through color. Our team of professional decorative concrete experts specializes in concrete staining pool decks, patios, driveways, and more. We are one of the trusted concrete contractors in the area.

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