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When it comes to elegant floors, European-style is the most common choice. However, luxury is often accompanied by an exorbitant amount of money. So, while the rich can just install exquisite flooring, those with tight budgets could just dream and make do with what they have. This is where Tuscan comes in. It provides the same elegance that European floors have without the need to break the bank. It is a concrete application or overlay that can replicate the same luxurious appeal at a fraction of the cost.

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Tuscan: An Overview

The Tuscan texture effect is made possible through custom hand-trowelling. Since it is done by a skilled artisan, the texture created at the surface is unique and random. This was developed as an alternative to stamped concrete overlay, which is applied with a thicker layer to be able to accommodate the stamped design. With Tuscan, the design is imprinted using scorelines, stencils, and masonry effects, if natural stone is the preferred design. A stain is also applied on top to complete the elegant look.

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Perks and Benefits of Tuscan

Aside from the fact that is meant to be a cheaper alternative to real European floors, here are other reasons why Tuscan is a great choice for both residential and commercial projects:

  • Custom Designs – the manual work of a skilled artisan is enough to guarantee that every Tuscan floor is a unique work of art.
  • Versatile – aside from the various designs it can mimic, this overlay can also be applied on both interior and exterior floors. So whether you plan to upgrade the aesthetics of your pool deck, walkways, patio, front entryway, sidewalk, kitchen floor, or any other floor that need resurfacing, this is an ideal choice.
  • Color Match-up – Stains or dyes used on the Tuscan floor can be customized to match the architectural style and theme of a home or commercial establishment.

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