Spray Knockdown Finish: Stunning & Slip-resistant Cool Decking Los Angeles


High temperature and the sun’s ultraviolet rays are not exactly friendly on surfaces and Los Angeles, California residents can attest to that. It is one of the main reasons why concrete acquires cracks and holes. Luckily, a spray knockdown finish called was developed. This is an ideal resurfacing solution that is durable, aesthetically pleasing, and easy in the pocket. If you’re interested in getting a knock down finish for your pool, call us today!

A Brief Look at Knockdown Texture

This is an acrylic cool deck coating loaded into a hopper gun and then sprayed on a concrete surface. The sprayed material is then knocked down with a trowel to acquire a non-skid trowel finish Los Angeles. The texture, the spraying, and the troweling process make it one of the most preferred pool deck resurfacing options. This knockdown texture can be customized with staining, custom scoring, and engraving.

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What are the Perks of Pool Deck Resurfacing with a Spray Texture Finish?

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the different types of concrete finishes?

The most common are stamped concrete, stenciled, exposed aggregate and polished concrete.

What is a hard trowel finish?

A hard trowel finish is otherwise known as air-entrained concrete. Some may refer to it as power trowelling since it may utilize heavy machines. The result is smooth and dense which is mostly used for interior floors and warehouses.

What is a smooth trowel finish?

Smooth trowel finish is easily done by hand, creating a push and pull movement along the surface of the mix. It works great for outer surfaces like pool decks. It gives off subtle depressions and ripples that are characteristic of spray knockdown finishes.

What is a trowel?

Refer to the image below of a man holding a trowel.

man holding a wide trowel

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Decorative Concrete Surfaces has been in the decorative concrete industry for over 30 years for one good reason: passion. We care about our customers and we want nothing more than providing them with sound solutions that are long-lasting, reliable, and affordable. Our spray knockdown finish coating is one resurfacing solution we highly recommend for both residential and commercial properties in the Los Angeles, CA area.

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Your questions matter and we make sure that we provide accurate and helpful information to all. Let us guide you on your journey to acquiring more stunning, more functional, and safer concrete surfaces, be it for your LA home or a commercial space you own. When it comes to concrete resurfacing, refinishing, and repair, we are the name to trust.
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