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Gone are the days when garages were merely storage spaces for vehicles and forgotten household items. With Los Angeles Decorative Concrete, transform your garage into a visually stunning and highly functional area of your home. Discover the power of epoxy garage flooring to revolutionize your space.

The pros at Decorative Concrete Surfaces are ready to take on your garage floor project. Our 40 years in the decorative concrete industry has earned us our reputation for quality service. We are a team of concrete driveway contractors in Los Angeles  licensed, bonded and insured so you know that you are in good hands. 

Our team of seasoned pros has mastered the techniques and methods in decorative concrete installations. And we use only superior quality materials and products for your satisfaction. Get the results you want for your concrete surfaces today!

Garage Floor Coatings: Epoxy Coating & Polyurea Polyaspartic

The two most popular floor coatings for garage floors in Los Angeles, California, are epoxy and polyurea polyaspartic coatings. Both options provide a durable, seamless finish that is resistant to stains, chemicals, grease, and the typical wear and tear of daily use. These easy-to-maintain, resinous coatings ensure a professional look and long-lasting protection for your garage. Here are the defining qualities of each:

Epoxy Flooring Garage

  • Known for its robust durability and seamless appearance, epoxy coating offers a smooth, high-gloss finish that can transform any garage into a clean, bright space
  • Epoxy flooring is available in a variety of thickness degrees
  • Maximum adhesion to well prepared concrete
  • Leading concrete coating when it comes to durability
  • Adhesions make it ideal for resurfacing concrete floors
  • Epoxy Flooring Los Angeles offers impact resistance with the right thickness
  • Has unlimited design options, most popular are chipped, flakes and metallic
  • Creates a maintenance-friendly surface that stands up to heavy use

Polyurea Polyaspartic Floor Coating

  • Absorbs impact better than epoxy floors
  • Offers resistance from abrasions
  • Offers chemical resistance
  • Stable under UV light
  • Polyaspartic garage floors cost more but offers more protection.

Why We Recommend Resurfacing by Residential Concrete Contractors in Los Angeles

Epoxy Garage Flooring Installation

Concrete sealing a garage floor with epoxy floor coatings or polyurea polyaspartic coatings requires the skill and expertise of an experienced concrete flooring contractor. Here is a brief look at the installation process:

  • Step 1: The surface is prepared, starting with a cleanup. Any existing overlay is removed. If needed, the surface undergoes a minor grinding to make the coating adhere more effectively.
  • Step 2: The first coating is poured and spread onto the surface evenly with a roller brush.
  • Step 3: Colorful chip floors are made by adding multicolored acrylic paint chips or quartz aggregate on the base coating.
  • Step 4: A top coating is applied to keep the paint chips in place.

Transform your space with elegance! Dial (323) 319-5230 now to discover the luxury of our premium flooring finishes in Los Angeles, CA. Elevate your surroundings today!

Decorative Concrete Surfaces is a trusted concrete company for your concrete driveway contractors Los Angeles. Forty years of commercial and residential resurfacing experience and service are backed by our A+ Better Business Bureau ranking and our many loyal residential and industrial clients. Whether your new garage needs a decorative lift, or you want to disguise imperfections in old concrete with a classy makeover, we concrete floor coating contractors have the skills and expertise to exceed your expectations.

Are you tired of looking at the cracks and ugly stains on your garage floor? Look no further! Our garage epoxy flooring service guarantees a job well done and provides a warranty to ensure your satisfaction. 

Don’t just take our word for it. Check out our reviews from our happy customers. Take the first step towards transforming your garage into a beautiful and functional space by contacting us today!

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