Best Upgrades: 2022 Best Garage Floorings

Are you looking for a perfect upgrade for garage floors? It’s 2022, and it is the ideal year to go from traditional to innovative. Every garage owner needs to have one of the modern floorings like the epoxy floor Los Angeles.

The garage flooring is the first thing you need to look at since, most of the time. This is the area where you will not pay much attention to design. You could argue that garage floors need fewer aesthetics and more enhanced performance.

Innovative Garage Flooring Materials to Try: 2022 Upgrade

Take a look at today’s list to change your garage floor perspectives. Epoxy floor garages are experts’ recommended materials to turn ordinary garages into dynamic, creative spaces.

Garage floor paints and rolling carpets are trends from the old days. Nowadays, what you can see are resin and polyurea coatings rising in popularity.

1. Polyurea Polyaspartic

Car enthusiasts or garage lords need a flooring space that would take the beating from grease, oils, etc. If you want a more functional garage floor, you need to have the Coating King of Garages. This is the one-day coating or, in technical terms, the polyurea polyaspartic coating.

The one-day coat garage floor is the best concrete overlay made explicitly for garages. Here are the factors that make one-day coating perfect for garages:

  • Smooth finish
  • High chemical resistance
  • Heat flexibility
  • Easy to clean surface

2. Epoxy Flooring

This 2022, grab the opportunity for customizing the designs in your garage areas. Epoxy floors will help you achieve unique designs. This material allows you to create 3D images or go for neon colors mixed into epoxy. The technique you could use is to apply a design coating that uses the epoxy technique. Splash and swirl the epoxy mix with a different shade of color. Once it adheres to the surface, it creates swirling linear patterns that mimic a marble floors’ design.

3. Rubber

Rubber is a typical material that makes a tremendous impact-resistant surface. And it is also highly flexible under extreme heat.

Another best thing about rubber is that it’s made of light materials that won’t cause too much damage to a concrete surface, like abrasions or scratches. Rubber garage floorings also come in various patterns. And their designs constantly change to match the current trends. The newest trend is those with designs bearing texture. These patterns help increase surface traction and increase impact resistance as well.

4. Polished concrete

Garage floor contractors can now create concrete-based garage floorings using the most innovative knowledge and techniques. What used to be plain concrete now turns into a polished, high gloss surface. That sounds like epoxy flooring, but polished concrete is used to achieve such a result this time.

Instead of using resin or polyurea coating, a grinding device, usually handheld, is run over the concrete surface, making a smooth and even flooring surface. The polished concrete garage floor is perfect for those spaces where epoxy is not suitable to use.

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