The Coolest Pool Deck: 5 Cool Deck Facts

Welcoming the summer is sure fun, especially if you can escape its harsh heat. Resorts and waterparks bring you convenient pool deck cool decking to chill beside the waters before diving into the pool waters.

Thanks to the latest concrete innovations.

Pool deck with fire pit

The steps around the pool are the perfect place to bathe under the sun and get tanned without burning your skin and the soles of your feet.

How can cool decks make the concrete around the pool resist the heat? Here are five awesome facts about them. Take a quick look:

  1. Durable surface, does not crack when exposed to the sun
  2. Long-lasting material that does not allow heat to break the surface, keeping it cool
  3. Non-slip surface prevents collecting pool water on the surface
  4. Easily cleaned, low maintenance so pool-goers will not stop coming to the pool area
  5. Can add coloring that does not fade

What Makes Cool Decks Cool?

There is more to know about the cool decks. What makes them cool exactly? Aside from the cool technical aspects of cool decks mentioned above. Here are five fun facts that make having cool concrete pool deckings so interesting.

1. Cool decks are literally "cool"

If you have ever heard of the classic Kool Deck, this has given birth to many modern pool decks where the surface of the concrete makes heat go away.
Back in the day, concrete pool decks were not popular when the heat of the summer heightened up.

2. Coolest surface

Having the coolest surface around a sunny resort is possible with a cool deck, and here is why. Cool decking consists of acrylic-based coatings.
Acrylic coatings seal the surface of concrete decks, filling the cemented material’s tiny holes and gaps. Thus, the heat will not absorb the solid concrete material.

3. The texture of the surface

Another name for a cool deck is the spray knockdown finished pool deck. The textured finish also adds to the cooling effect of the pool surfacings, and the rigid surface helps the heat escape from the surface.

Compared to the seamless concrete pool decks, the textured finish reduces heat absorption by more than 50%.

4. Efficient way to cool down existing concrete pool decks

pool deck with chairs

If you think it is too late to revamp the pool decks in your properties, it is not. You can resurface your existing concrete pool decks with textured overlays.
Doing this also lets you make the existing pool decks in your area look and feel cooler.

5. Coloring the cool decks

The last remarkable fact about the cool decking is that choosing the right colors also helps minimize the heat of the concrete surface.

Lighter colors like blue and beige absorb less heat helping to cool down the concrete deckings faster. This is due to the amount of light being refracted by light or pale colors.

In Summary

Curious about more cool decks? You can contact your local concrete pool deck contractor. They will help you educate and understand better on the whereabouts of cool decks. The can even provide you a free quotation if you are interested.

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