Spray Knock Down Finish: What Makes it the Best Pool Deck Option

Choosing a material for the pool deck requires tremendous planning. There are many different factors to consider such as its exposure to outdoor elements, how often it will be used, and how usage will always involve water. One of the most recent is Spray Knock Down Finish. This is a spray texture system that is ideal for use on concrete pool decks. So, what makes it the best option? Read on and be enlightened.

Highly Decorative Concrete Enhancement

Whether we like it or not, we are easily attracted visually. The way this pool deck knockdown finish would look after installation is definitely worth our time and money. Think of a stucco finish on drywall but with a less intense texture. A knock down finish concrete pool deck is textured enough to make a statement but not too elaborate to cause a scene. This coating can also be matched or paired with stamped concrete and other paving options.

Pool deck with Classic Spray Knockdown Texture
Economical Resurfacing Solution

Compared to other paving materials, a spray-down concrete resurfacing is a lot more affordable. You get to keep the existing concrete slab so that means you won’t have to pay for concrete removal. It will only require a thin layer of acrylic concrete coating, not the bags of cement that a replacement would require. It is also one of the most affordable pool deck texture coatings around. It is durable and long-lasting so you won’t have to worry about having it repaired or replaced anytime soon.

Slip-Resistant Trowel Finish

One of the most important features of the spray knockdown texture is its non-skid finish. A pool deck often gets wet and swimmers often walk around barefoot on it. Do you see how dangerous that combination is? Putting a knockdown texture on concrete is enough to give it better traction to prevent slips and falls. You can rest assure that the texture will be as comfortable underfoot, too.

Low-temperature Knock-Down Finish

Another notable feature of this knockdown texture is that it has the ability to stay cool to the touch despite being exposed to sunlight for several hours. Aside from the fact that it can reflect heat effectively, the surface’s grooves allow air pockets to circulate, thus, allowing air to travel all around the feet effectively. This feature makes it easier for bare feet to walk on the surface without acquiring blisters.

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