Choosing the Stamped Concrete Pattern for Your Driveway

Choosing stamped concrete patterns is not that easy, Sure, you can choose the first one you find attractive but it has to be appropriate for the concrete driveway surface it will be stamped on. There are things you need to consider in choosing the right pattern that will increase the value of your property.

The facade of a home is one detail you should always consider when planning a concrete driveway resurfacing project. The first thing that comes to mind is to choose a pattern that is similar to the exterior of the house. If you have a brick wall, then choose a brick pattern. If you have a stone wall, then choose a stone pattern. However, this is not necessary. In fact, installers recommend choosing a pattern that complements the house, not match it exactly. This can be tricky, right? Here are some tips to make choosing easier:

  • Color – Choose any pattern you want, but have it stained in a color that looks good beside the house. You can match the colors or choose complementary colors. Brown goes well with anything, Reds are great with other warm colors. If you are unsure, ask a professional installer to provide you with color swatches.
  • Traction – If your driveway is somewhat sloped, you might want to choose a pattern that will create a more textured imprint on the overlay. This will help increase traction and prevent slips.
  • Theme – If you live in an old-world European-style home, a geometric pattern in varying shades of gray may not be a good choice. It is important to know the theme and concept of the house you own so that the pattern you choose is something that is connected to that theme. If you have a traditional house, choose a classic design like brick or natural stone. If you have a modern house, ashlar or herringbone will look good on your driveway.
  • Personal Style – Choose a pattern that you would definitely love. It is you who will see your driveway every day and you who would be living in a house right next to it. So, might as well choose a pattern that suits your taste and style.

If you are not interested in having a pattern imprinted on the whole driveway, you can incorporate stamped concrete patterns on the borders of the driveway. This will emphasize its shape and separate it from the garden or lawn. You may also add strips of patterns five feet apart. This will break the monotony of a driveway especially if it will be a long drive from the road to the front of the house.

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