5 Best Ideas for Stamped Concrete Pool Decks

Stamped concrete pool decks create timeless appeal to outdoor surfaces. However, one may have a challenge making the decor look updated and in style. No worries, read on to find out the latest ideas you can make with your all-time favorite stamps.


The stamped concrete brings balance between fun and safety. So, having them built around the pools is good, indeed. The stamped patterns create a distinct texture on the surface that adds slip resistance while enhancing the look and appeal of the decks.

Now get to know news trends that will be a great addition to your stamped designs. You got five:

  1. Exposed Aggregate

One that is creating the latest buzz around the flooring world is the exposed aggregate. This type of flooring application creates a contrast to the surface with stamped designs. 

The exposed aggregate has a coarse texture and looks to it. Lay it side-by-side the stamped decks then you get a perfect contrast of textures. Though they offer two extreme looks, they both create slip-resistant surfaces that are ideal for the pools.

  1. Salt Finish

The process of finishing an existing stamped flooring with salt is simple as it sounds. That’s right, doing will only require you to add rock salt as a final fishing coat. The rock salt is pressed down to a newly poured concrete overlay. The salt finish is another excellent way to take a flat work on the concrete to another level. 

Using a salt finish with stamped design is like hitting two birds with one stone. What you can do is add and plant the rock salt on a stamped overlay. The process is easy since you can pour or sprinkle the pieces of salt on the wet concrete mix then use the stamped mats to decor the surface.

  1. Add LED lighting for design and safety.

The first two provide you with an idea to combine other flooring techniques with stamps. For number three in this list, you have to use other fixtures and add them to stamped pool decks.

Do you get LED lights? Use these to the decor around the pool for added safety when the night comes. Another great thing about LED lights is that they can come in various forms creating unique shapes to decor the pool surrounding.

swimming pool with led lights on the decks
  1. Stenciling

Stencil and stamped concrete used to be compared with each other. Now, you can have both to use to decor the pool decks. While stamping uses mats to press down the patterns on a newly poured concrete mix, stencils use paper patterns to create stylish joint gaps on the decks’ surfaces.

You can use stamps and stencils side-by-side or choose steam for center deckings and stencils for the edges and outer linings of the decks.

  1. Simply White

stamped-concrete-pool-deckNow for a stunning finish, color the stamped decks simply white. You can ask the local pool contractor of white color combinations they have. You can choose a white-titanium stamped design

Usually, the decks look light and refreshing. White colors make the poll decks look and feel calm. Light colors as white do not absorb much heat. At the same time, it also reflects that the surface is cool to the touch, making it a must-have design around your pools for a refreshing spot in your properties during summer.

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