Generating Design Ideas for Pool Deck Layout Plans

In the past, you have to rely on hearsay to come up with a good idea for pool deck plans. Sure, you could check the paper or magazines but there was a 90% chance that it wouldn’t be in color. Homeowners nowadays are just so fortunate to have the internet up and running. From the web, you could source thousands of pool deck options which you can further filter based on your personal preferences.

Although there are tons of pictures of pool decks available for viewing online, it is still important to make sure that the ideas you generate are something that could be realized in your very own property. Need help with narrowing down your options? Read on to learn how to come down to a final decision.

Choose Realistic Pool Deck Designs

There are several extravagant and breath-taking concrete pool deck design ideas out there and it’s okay to dream big but you have to stay grounded and focused. Is the design something your property could accommodate? If not, highlight the qualities that seem favorable to you and apply a more simple, scaled down version of it to make it fit. For example:

  • If you want natural stone paving on the deck, choose stamped concrete with stone patterns instead. It can be made to look similar but at a more affordable cost.
  • If you are interested in a waterfall installation, opt for a smaller version on one corner of your pool. You can even opt for artificial boulders instead of the real, heavy ones.
  • An outdoor fireplace is a great idea but if your property space is limited, opt for a movable fire pit instead. It provides just as much heat and illumination without eating up too much space.
  • Seating elements are a must-have in any pool side but, instead of having it built-in, opt for the portable type to make it easier to free functional space when you need it.

Weigh the Benefits of each Pool Deck Type

Both in-ground and above ground pool decks are beneficial to homeowners. But if you are still torn on which one to have built, list down the advantages and disadvantages of both, based on your preferences or your family’s lifestyle, customs, or traditions.

Make the Pool Deck Blend Architecturally

Imagine a classic Victorian home having a modern contemporary pool out back. Confusing, right? When planning an in-ground or above ground pool deck, view the project as a complementary extension of your home, not an individual area on your property. This way, you can coordinate the pool deck colors and design to match the current motif of your home.

Take the Local Deck Building Code Seriously

It would be a very wise decision to read through your state’s building codes to make sure that whatever pool deck layout plans you come up with will be safe and not be a violation of anything.


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