5 Hollywood-worthy Stamped Concrete Ideas

Hollywood is often depicted by the glitz and glamour of the film industry. When it comes to stamped concrete surfaces, Hollywood-worthy would mean creating designs that will surely make heads turn. Stamped concrete is a star by itself, having the expensive look without additional concrete patio costs. With the right pattern and design, it can hit box-office without any doubt! Here are some stamped concrete designs and ideas that are surely gorgeous beyond imagination.

Borders and Frames

Adding stamped borders or frames in and around a plain backyard concrete patio can definitely bring aesthetics to a whole new level. The pattern creates a break in the otherwise monotonous patio, making it a lot more interesting to look at. A frame also helps separate the patio from other parts of the outdoor area like the lawn, the walkway, or the pool deck.

Curves and Swerves

Make stamped surfaces more interesting with curvy borders. It makes the area look softer and welcoming. Swerves can also be incorporated into walkways and front entryways, adding a sexy and enticing character to it. If you have a sharp-edged type of walkway or entryway, opt for a stamped concrete pattern that consists of curvy lines such as fish scales or fans. Get quality stamps only from trusted flooring professionals since they have the best equipment for the job.

Contrasting Patterns

There is a wide selection of patterns to choose from for concrete stamping. So, why stick with one? Using two contrasting patterns will make any outdoor walking surface truly fun and interesting to look at and walk upon. For example, you can use a flagstone pattern in the major parts and then a brick paver pattern on the borders. If your stamped concrete is being done on a long driveway, why not choose a different pattern for every five feet or so? Anyone driving on it will surely keep their eye on the road!

Colored Stamped Concrete

Imprinted concrete patterns can be colored with concrete stain to make it look more attractive. Natural stone and brick patterns need to be colored by spray or by hand to make it look realistic. For other patterns, there is a wide selection of standard and custom colors to choose from. You can go from earthy tones to more bolder colors like aquamarine and coral.

Stamped Hardscapes

Any structure on the outdoor area of a home is considered a hardscape. If you have a fire pit, fireplace, or built-in concrete seating outdoors, why not have them stamped as well? The pattern on your floor can extend to such hardscapes or you could choose a whole new different pattern to give it a distinction.

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