3 Ways to Revamp Your Concrete Patio

Do you have a concrete patio? Although concrete is a universal paving material, it is not necessarily as attractive as other materials. But who says you can’t have a gorgeous patio with something as plain and boring as concrete? There are many concrete patio solutions in Los Angeles to revamp one. But for the basics, here are three simple but life-changing makeover tips for you.

Make it More Interesting with Color

Paint may have been the first thing that came to your mind. Although it is a good option, there is something better: concrete stains. Staining provides a more natural color that does not peel off, flake, or fade. You can choose from an acid or water-based stain, both with its own selection of hues. It can be applied in a single color or in a multitude of hues for an interesting contrast. You can also complement the colors with outdoor decor and furniture.

Add a Glorious Gloss

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Whether plain gray or colored, a concrete patio could definitely use some shine and shimmer. It does not have to be a blinding kind of sparkle. Just a bit of gloss will turn any dull patio into an elegant surface that looks new and expensive. Plus it helps protect the concrete surface from harmful elements like rain, snow, UV rays, scratches, abrasion, and more. Concrete sealers come in different types. It is highly recommended to consult an expert to determine which type would work best for your patio. Sealers also come in a range of finishes. Choose the one with a gloss level that’s just right for you. It is advisable to try a sealer on one area of the concrete patio that is not often viewed or seen. This way, you would be able to get an idea of how it would look like.

Repair Damage & Cover it Up

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Cracks, holes, scaling, and spalling are just some of the most common issues that concrete patios acquire. It would be best to apply the appropriate concrete repair Los Angeles fixes before it gets worse. After repairs have been done, resurface the surface with a coating or overlay, such as stamped concrete overlay or acrylic cement coating. Both provides a more decorative look at an affordable cost. For cracks that reoccur, have a professional concrete contractor add custom scorelines or expansion joints. This will provide enough room for the slab to move while also adding to the overall look of the concrete patio.

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