4 Simple Fixes for a Damaged Driveway

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A concrete driveway in Los Angeles is one of the most important parts of a property. It connects the house to the road and it is a huge contributing factor of curb appeal. No matter how durable concrete is, there will come a time when signs of usage would start to show up. Damaged concrete driveways need to be repaired immediately to keep damage from getting worse. Here are some simple fixes you need to know about:


Patching, like in sewing, is a method of covering holes and cracks. This is ideal for cracking, spalling, and other surface issues. A mixture of concrete or a patching compound is used to fill the blemish and make the surface of the driveway level again. But before the crack or hole is patched, it is important to clean the damaged area first. Make sure that it is free of debris, dust, and standing water.


Driveways are prone to grease and oil stains. You may try to scrub it off with a special type of cleaning product. But there is no guarantee that it would return to its pre-discolored state. One way to mask or cover it up is through concrete staining. If you want to add a customized driveway design, use a water-based stain. For a more natural, mottled look, acid staining is the way to go.


A driveway sealer is very important. Homeowners should not skip this when a contractor recommends it especially if they have a concrete driveway. Concrete is highly porous. Water, UV rays, and ice can damage it deep within its pores. To prevent this from happening, the driveway must be coated with sealer. It usually takes a couple of years before a resealing is needed. The sealer also adds an attractive shine on the driveway, improving its appeal.


This is the process of applying a new layer of overlay or coating on a concrete driveway. A new layer can be applied after patching has been done on the damaged surface. A resurfaced concrete slab costs a lot more affordable than a concrete re-pour. You get to keep the existing driveway, except that it becomes more beautiful and functional this time. And because it does not require a new cement mix, carbon footprint and landfill waste are reduced significantly. Consult a professional concrete contractor in Los Angeles about the different resurfacing options available for driveways.

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