Garage Wars: Common Floor Damages Caused by a Cluttered Storage

Is your garage space look like its from a war zone? All the tools are out of place, storage boxes turned upside down, or the lids are all removed, and the insides are flowing over and flying everywhere. It is a mess!

If you have recently been to your garage space, and it just looked like it, then you need some organizing and fixing to do. 

A garage space left unkempt for long days (worse for months) will soon emerge with various damages. Especially if you are dealing with clutter and clamped-up storage boxes

Find out what these common concrete fails caused by cluttered storage areas.

Cluttered Storage and Concrete Floor Damages

The floors or the foundation o can be in a detrimental state. You will need the treatment of professional concrete garage contractors in Los Angeles to treat the floors with epoxy garage flooring . Brace yourself if you have a garage out of a war zone. You need to address the following problems:

1- Moldy Concrete Surface

If you leave the garage in a post-war appearance, you will soon discover molds underneath the debris and blocks of old things. 

Cluttered boxes made of cardboard are common materials used to store things. And if left in a mess, mold would soon grow on the corners and bottom surfaces of these boxes.

Molds grow in dim, moist, and undisturbed places. So do not be surprised to see molds and mildew if you have not touched your garage storage for a long time.

2- Unevenness and Settling

Next is the probability that your cluttered garage is hiding some issues. You might have neglected a sparkling concrete surface or a huge crack on the floor. Those issues get left unattended once you put them in the storage cabinets and boxes.

Buried in clutter and buried behind your memories, those holes, dents, and cracks grew larger from the weight and load of your clamped-up boxes. So if your garage is still in an ocean of clutter, expect that your concrete floors will soon develop unevenness and settling.

This also means that the concrete joints were getting weak and deteriorating. This might be caused by moisture getting into the cracks. And because it had been buried out of sight, you have no idea that it is slowly eating up the concrete slabs in the foundation of your garage floors.

3- Stains and Discoloration

These are common and expected issues that would form beneath a cluttered space. Floor stains caused by cluttered storage are often a result of rotting items like papers, boards, or even rust, which come in contact with the moist.

Residues of these materials would leak into the surface, which can also cause discoloration. It gets worse if, at the time of cluttering the garage, oils, and chemicals are mixed with other materials. There can also be mud from outdoor boots and old tires. 

Spells from these would soon penetrate the concrete and would be a nightmare to fix. If this is the case for you, then you need to prepare for a flooring repair.

concrete floor stains and discoloration

Anti-Clutter Floors

You have no choice but to think out of the box. A typical cleaning can only do so much. You might still be tempted to clutter your things in the garage without renovating it. 

Here is where you need to bring in the epoxy garage flooring Los Angeles contractors. A floor revamp is what you need. This way, you will give the entire garage space a new lease of life. Once epoxy covers the floors, you will not let them be covered with a mess. 

It is time to end your storage wars in your garage and get a lifestyle redo with new attractive garage flooring options, such as concrete refinishing and resurfacing.

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