Concrete Floors: Basics in Maintaining your Floors

Have you ever been on those days you feel too lazy to move? Cleaning feels like a daunting task until you begin light sweeps on the floor. 


Cleaning the floor is basic home care, and you do not even have to write it down on your to-do list. Floor maintenance now comes off you naturally. 

But if you are one keen homeowner and loves to get to the Nitty and gritty of any task, then you got this blog to help you manage your floor care routine. 

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With the experts at concrete floors Los Angeles, you can now do simple tasks seamlessly. You are following these practical bits and pieces of advice to take home with you and begin your improved home cleaning and flooring maintenance routine.

Floor Care Basics: Your Practical Steps to Take Home

Make life easier essential moves when you see the word the basics. Before you go deep with any tasks, you need to have the basic knowledge and know if you can get the tools you can use anytime. 

Learn from today’s blog answers and pro tips on the following:

  • Are concrete floors hard to maintain?
  • Maintenance of plain concrete?
  • How can I reduce the cost of concrete care?

Are Concrete Floors Hard To Maintain?

You are probably deciding on what floor material to resurface your property? As you reach the end of the year, you find out that concrete floors are the most economical ones.m But then you doubt if it is still economical when it comes to maintenance. That answer for that is a big YES!

Of course, concrete will leave you no sweat when it’s time to clean and maintain them. The concrete’s seamless surface helps one wipe the surface with soft materials and a simple cleaning solution. Unlike tiles and ceramics, it leaves no trace of stain that you need to go over more than one store to finish off the colors.

Maintenance of Plain Concrete

Now when it comes to maintenance, you got two options:

1 - Professional Maintenance

A professional flooring service is necessary for hardcore damages that appear on eh surface. The obvious cracks can be minor and can be fixed with DIY patching. But there will also be cracks that need specialized tools that experts use. 

2 - DIY Maintenance 

As mentioned already, you can fix minor cracks and tiny unharmful flaws on the concrete surface. There will also be accessible materials for you.

The condition of the floors will further tell you what type of maintenance to get. 

Minor Concrete Damages

Minor damages may include an unclean floor where food and drink stains get stuck on the surface. A pressure wash or powered water stream may fix this type of flaw. Sometimes the concrete floors remain intact and. 

  • Food and drink stains
  • Light scratch on the
  • Faded concrete coloring

The easy and practical solution for these minor flaws is to clean the surface using your regular cleaning tools.

Hardcore Damages

To tell that your floors acquired hardcore damages usually, these will already affect the slab’s reinforcements and may have already modified the cement’s chemical structures. 

  • Large cracks that go from the surface down to the sub-layers
  • Damages or corrosion on the steel reinforcements
  • Chemical stains
  • Diminishing slip-resistance

When these issues surface on the floors, this is the time you need professional companies to perform the floor resurfacing or concrete restoration or rejuvenation.

How Can I Reduce The Cost of Concrete Maintenance?

A while ago, you learned that the two common appearances of concrete damages, minor flaws, and hardcore ones. 

Now that you have a basic idea of the issues that need fixing on the floors. You can then decide and allot a budget for your flooring maintenance. 

Knowing what type of damage exists on the surface will help you save costs. If you are sure that floors have minor kinds of cracks, then you do not have to worry about paying professional fees. 

Important tip: Understand and know what flaw or issue to fix. If you cannot make sure of this step on your own, call an expert flooring service provider. Ask them either an opinion or ask them to have your floor’s site inspected for free. 

Sometimes all your bearing questions can only be solved when you ask. So, have a call with a local contractor near you ASAP!

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