How to Keep the Garage in the Best Shape Possible

It is not uncommon for homeowners to treat the garage as a multi-purpose room. It is a car barn, storage space, recreational area, and workshop in one. Whether you admit it or not, there is a tendency to not worry that the garage could acquire damage. However, it is still part of the house and it deserves all the TLC it can get. Here are simple ways to make sure that it is kept in the best possible shape always.

Apply a Protective Coating on the Floor

There are so many types of garage flooring options available. Make sure to choose one that is durable enough to withstand any activity that goes on inside this section of the house. Instead of using mats that you have to tear out sooner or later, use something more permanent like an epoxy garage flooring or polyurea polyaspartic coating. These coatings are designed to resist most types of damage.

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Protect the Walls from the Car Door and Bumper

If your garage is just small enough to house the car and some other stuff, it is likely that your walls have scratches and dents caused by the car door or bumper accidentally bumping or rubbing against it. There are special rubber mats with an adhesive back that you could stick to the areas on the wall that are often bumped. If this seems expensive, you may also use a pool noodle.

Purchase a Parking Chock or Mat

There are various types of parking aids that are meant to help you park in the exact same spot always, making sure that you don’t hit or run over anything in the garage. The simplest and most affordable ones are the parking chock or mat. These are extremely helpful in setting a spot for you to park the car. The chock will stop the wheel in the right spot and keep the car from rolling away just in case. The parking mat includes a small bump that indicates that the wheel is nearing the larger bump that will keep the are in the exact same parking spot every time.

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Keep the Room Ventilated

Make sure that there is enough air entering the garage. This will help mold and mildew from growing especially in corners and stuff that is often moist. Adding an exhaust fan or a small window is a good alternative if the garage is not included in the centralized ventilation system already installed in your home.

Keep Anything that Spills in a Cabinet

Paint, chemicals, gasoline, and any other liquids stored in the garage must be kept out of reach of anyone. Dedicate a cabinet with doors for stuff that could spill. Not only will this spare your floors from stains and other damage, it will also save you from the tedious clean-up involved.

Inspect the Garage Door Regularly

The garage door is used often so it is most likely to get worn. However, with regular inspections, you would be able to catch potential damage before it even happens. If you find a loose screw, tighten it. If some areas are too tight, oil it up.

Find Time to Organize and Clean Up

This is a no-brainer. Any room that is clean and organized is less likely to acquire damage. The real issue is finding time to actually do it regularly. If you are living with family, delegate tasks to make sure that everyone has something to do. Allot one weekend to do the things that need more and deeper attention.

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