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Concrete Polishing Los Angeles is today’s top choice for practical flooring solutions. Decorative Concrete Surfaces only brings you state-of-the-art floor designs, techniques, and services. Servicing home and business owners in cities and nearby areas throughout Los Angeles, CA.

A polished concrete turns heads as the floor displays stunning flawless and smooth surfaces at every turn. Your ordinary grey concrete will transform with the help of a local company as an expert concrete polishing in Los Angeles.

If you want the best results, you can also try our other services like concrete Tuscan overlays and concrete staining you can opt for when deciding on a stunning polished concrete floor.

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Smooth floors that reflect their surroundings also indicate a well-maintained environment, whether it’s an office, home, bathroom, living room, outdoor space, stairs, or commercial property. Residential property owners and homeowners can enjoy the benefits of long-lasting, seamless surfaces. Achieve a polished concrete without breaking the bank. This flooring option offers durability, easy maintenance, and a cohesive, smart solution with polishing.

Are you looking for a high-quality polished finish that fits your budget? Contact us at Decorative Concrete Surfaces. We offer quality flooring installation and a range of services in the Los Angeles, CA area. Reach out to us at (818) 332-4803.

Los Angeles Polishing CA specializes in flooring installation for various properties and purposes. Polishing is an excellent choice for restoring the appearance of aging floors that have endured the test of time and weathering.

Efficient polishing can breathe new life into your surfaces, helping them resist signs of aging, spalling, chipping, and other forms of damage. Contact our team to explore the benefits of polishing for your home or business.

Why Do You Need Concrete Floor Polishing?

You can achieve a stunning polished concrete floor using popular resurfacing options.

  • Concrete Polishing Staining
  • Resinous Floor Coatings
  • Clear Epoxy
  • DIY Polished Concrete

Have you set eyes on the elegant Tuscan overlay and European-styled interior floor? These flooring designs come out when you apply concrete polishing staining. Yes, staining the concrete floors is an age-old tradition among homeowners. But with this adaptive flooring style, an old floor will transform into a classic Los Angeles CA chic vibe.

How about your garage area? Do you also wish to have a Bat-Man-inspired garage cave? A pure white, clean garage floor is possible. Just by using clear epoxy floor coating, you can save your flooring surfaces on a construction garage from oil mess, chemical damages, and heavy traffic.

Before you go ahead and look for a concrete polishing contractor near you, consider first some essential things to know:

  • Concrete polishing takes several essential steps, at least 10 steps before a polished concrete turns up in your flooring surfaces.
  • Beware of contractors who finish a partial concrete polishing project.
  • Assure sturdy, well-built concrete when you rely only on licensed professionals.
  • Polishing contractors use specialized equipment and diamond grits to grind the floor surfaces.
  • Professionals use two methods of polishing. These are the wet and dry polishing methods to name.

Los Angeles Concrete Polishing has over 40 years of completing successful projects under their belts. And leaving clients walking satisfied over their beautifully finished concrete floorings. So, before you get hooked with DIY trends in the market today, take a high note of the facts in the list mentioned above.

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Get a team of Concrete Polishing Los Angeles, CA, to revive the beauty and appeal of polished concrete flooring in your properties. Servicing nearby Southern California and cities within Long Beach, Culver City, Van Nuys, Inland Empire, and Orange County &, etc. Phone us @ (818) 332-4803! So our expert installers can visit your site anywhere in the city!

Concrete Polishing Installation Areas



Quality flooring workmanship stands the test of heavy loads of machinery among industrial properties. Oil, grease, and chemicals need not drown an industrial concrete floor. Beautiful and durable design combined with this excellent solution. 

Managing concrete floorings among industrial facilities is a big challenge. Even more so when you are using expensive permanent coatings like paint or epoxy floor coatings.

Also, heavy traffic spaces rely on multi-floor coatings on most occasions. This option makes a costly decision among industrial construction companies. Why not look for a practical solution? A Los Angeles concrete polishing is perfect for heavy-traffic areas and those that involve forklifts and the use of heavy tools and machinery.

Buildings and companies busy with trade do not need any downtime. Concrete polishing is quick and practical. If you work with expert flooring installers, only a real polished method will create a luster that truly lasts; No matter how worn down or how old the floor has gotten. 

Take note and see if you need polishing options if you have these spaces in your Los Angeles, CA property:

  • Commercial garage floor
  • Heavy traffic Parking Space
  • Warehouse facilities
  • Forklift Areas
  • Heavy foot traffic areas
  • Food lab and kitchens
  • Corporate Company
  • Appliances Manufacturing Areas


Concrete Polishing Los Angeles offers a wide variety of color and tile options to enhance the quality and designs of your commercial floor. Additionally, it is cost-effective. With our expertise in polishing, we can transform the appearance of  your floors, making them more visually appealing and attractive to costumers. Polishing is an easy commercial floor resurfacing where you can add profit and keep your cost savings. Maintenance requires extensive labor and top-of-the-line cleaning tools. In this way, you ensure that customers leave you no bad reviews. Cleaning up the floors among facilities for hotels, offices in a large company, restaurants, and commercial kitchen is a breeze.


Small retail spaces allow cost savings when you redesign them with a polished concrete floor. Mall strips or mini boutiques in Orange County in Los Angeles CA, are often busy with customers. The concrete steps often get messy, and cleaning needs to be fast and easy. Busy retail stores can get a quick polishing job. If you do not have time for DIY polishing, rely on an expert concrete contractor to finish that job for you.


Warehouse areas are prone to the floor getting stained, cracking, trenches appearing, and other problems as mismatched coloring. Construction garages cannot escape from the daily damages that heavy vehicles and pieces of machinery scraping the floor surfaces. Warehouse floors as well often met with massive objects moving and falling on the concrete.

Polishing fixes everything. You can choose from standard methods the Los Angeles concrete polishing team uses, staining, etc.!

Want to know more? Browse our Services or get in touch with our professional contractors to know your options today!

How to Polish Concrete Floors?

Looking for a DIY concrete polishing project? While DIY may look cost-saving for you, consider the following essential steps to polish the concrete flooring. Read on to find out if you can finish each process until the last step.

Step 1- Preparing the Floor

The first step, though it involves sweeping, cleaning, and washing the entire concrete surfaces, preparation includes special tools. You need to check and see if the concrete is free from other damages.

Preparing the concrete involves a grinding tool, which looks and works like a vacuum. Doing it yourself seems easy. But, before going ahead, know that cleaning up the floor with the grinding machine requires precise control of the tool. By doing so, you are making sure all edges on the floor get some grinding.

Step 2- Removing Old Coating

Removing the old coating assures you that you only get polished results. Having a layer of old coating will leave flakes and grits of flooring materials on top. These are loose grits that will contaminate the patching and coating steps.

Step 3- Repair Large Cracks and Seal joints

Gaps on the concrete surfaces are huge rip-offs, mainly if you are after seamless concrete surfaces. Seamless flooring exudes elegance. Also, be sure to seal cracks and fill joint gaps as you proceed with polishing.

Step 4- Metal Grinding

Are you after shiny concrete? Then it is a must that you grind the concrete first. There are two necessary steps to achieve the best results for this job. The first grinding procedure roughens up the slab. The 2nd step smoothens the concrete to perfection.


First grinding with 30 to 40 grit metal diamond bond.

After patching the concrete and repairing the cracks and gaps, use teardrop tooling to grind the top to remove loose particles from the previous step. A professional contractor will not miss a spot. They use a strategic grounding process referred to as cross-hatching.


Second grinding uses 80 grit.

Changing to the 70 to 80 grit metal bond is a must. Repair deep cracks and hidden damages or tiny holes as they appear before your eyes and move on to the next step.

In the first grinding stage, the slab is cleaned thoroughly. Old layers of coatings and other solid residue are peeled off completely. The second grinding helps you see severe concrete damage that needs restoration or repair to assure durability.


Patching and Filling

Deep holes need high-quality patching epoxy compounds. Having said this, an expert installer will use multi-level patching if the holes and cracks are too severe. Also, applying epoxy patching on the surface will restore or cover up scratches from the grinding procedure.

Step 5- Fine Grinding

Although this step still involves grinding, a finer grit is used. Use 150 grit or a minimum of 100 achromic grit to create that shiny and seamless surface. This way, the floor transforms into a clean slate.

Step 6- Densifying Stage

Densification uses a silicate densifier. What does this do? Even after filling large holes and gaps, there are still tiny ones that need to be fully covered. You can also apply an epoxy slurry coating to fill, and the small hole sand provides a shiny finish.

Step 7- Not Just One Polishing Stages

After filling small holes, the concrete is now ready for polishing. Now here are the crucial steps. If you think that polished concrete is a job with a single step, you think wrong. Polishing goes through several stages and different grinder discs to transition from a stage to the next. 

Here are the steps needed to follow: 

  • Refine the floor with a 100- or 200-grit transition tool with a resin-bond diamond
  • Refine the edges
  • 400-grit resin-bond
  • 800-grit resin-bond
  • 1500- or 3000-grit resin-bond finishing
  • Apply to your desired level of shine
  • Concrete staining- the final step; this serves as a sealing application and provides protection on the concrete

Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely yes! Polishing concrete is made for existing ones in your properties. Polished concrete Los Angeles is also what you want to have for sealing the concrete using various decorative finishes.

It is not simple to do a polished concrete job. Polishing methods require specialized tools and going through details only experts can see.

Concrete polishing expands its features by combining it with other popular decorative finishes. Try a Tuscan overlay or an old-aged staining tradition. Concrete staining brings out a luster over the top of the concrete, making the polished flooring stand out even more.

There are various maintenance services you can avail of when you work with our Los Angeles concrete contractors. If you do not have enough time for maintenance, our experts can do the job for you.

Polishing will involve using a grinding machine, so the labor cost to hire a contractor will cost you between $4 to $12. Some surfaces need more grinding than others due to previous coatings done, unleveled areas, and dull spots from high traffic.

Compared to other flooring options, polished concrete is more cost-effective without losing its class and shine. It will only cost you as low as $4 to around $12. This is relatively affordable compared to stone ($15 for high-quality pieces) and wood with a maintenance cost of $25 per square meter. This is why it’s most common in museums and simple homes because it doesn’t cost a lot, but you get beautiful glossy concrete floors.

Concrete polishing is exactly what you need for rough concrete. Whether you choose the wet or dry techniques, you’ll get shiny and even concrete surfaces instantly. It also works great for existing coatings that you want to remove.

DIY concrete polishing is possible, but with a big area, you’ll be needing large equipment that might be cost-effective as compared to hiring a polishing contractor. Take note of your options and see which will be better in the long run. After all, polished concrete floors Los Angeles can last a long time before needing to be polished again.

This costs around $3 to $12 per square foot, which still depends on the location and complexity of the project. This will also depend on how many grinding levels it will go under to achieve a smooth surface.

The price is highly dependent on how many levels of polishing are required to achieve a smooth surface. The cost can even go up depending on the decorative effects applied to the flooring.

Almost any structurally sound concrete can be polished.

As long as the concrete is structurally sound, it can be polished.

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Los Angeles Decorative Concrete Surfaces is the leader in this business in CA. We provide exceptional craftsmanship, making us one of the top companies found in the city. 

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Our Concrete Polishing services are all available to CA homeowners, businesses, and various residential and commercial properties. Your office space will look dull no more. Your home will transform into sight of luxury when you polished the concrete surfaces using modern flooring methods.

Furthermore, our team of professional concrete contractors uses only quality materials. They work with techniques and knowledge cemented by their year of experience in the business. With more than 40 years of duty throughout Los Angeles, every project results only in client satisfaction.

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Your questions matter and we make sure that we provide accurate and helpful information to all. Let us guide you on your journey to acquiring more stunning, more functional, and safer concrete surfaces, be it for your LA home or a commercial space you own. When it comes to concrete resurfacing, refinishing, and repair, we are the name to trust.
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