5 Essential Stamped Concrete Patio Advantages

Stamped concrete patios, driveways, and pool decks have become a popular trend among residential and commercial floor owners. But is it really a worthy investment?


How much will it cost? Stamped concrete patio cost is a lot more affordable than a complete concrete floor overhaul. It is simply an overlay spread over the surface of an existing concrete slab and then imprinted with a design or pattern. It is an ideal repair for damaged concrete floors because it is more economical.


What are the choices or options in stamped concrete? The range of designs and patterns available for a stamped concrete floor is astounding. Floors can be made to look like a brick pavement, cobblestone, and even natural stone, such as flagstone, travertine, slate, and more. It can also be stained to be more decorative or to mimic the exact look of the material it is substituting, without looking like a cheap replica.


Does it look good when it’s done? Stamped patio designs look a lot more appealing than wood or real stone. The visually-appealing appearance of frontyard or backyard concrete patio designs can increase property value as well as the property’s curb appeal. The number of choices makes it all the more exciting for floor owners as they get to mix and match patterns and colors to their hearts’ content.


How easy is it to install? Stamped concrete Los Angeles overlays are a lot easier to install than a concrete re-pour, brick pavers, and natural stone. It does not involve the manual placement of individual pieces to create a pattern or design, although it can look like it does. Although it can be done DIY, it is still highly recommended to have a professional concrete contractor deal with it. This way, the overlay mixture is made wet enough to make it easy to spread but firm enough to keep it from being runny.


Stamped concrete can be made to look like natural stone without adapting the high maintenance status of stone. Stone patios, for example, has floors made up of individually placed stone pieces. The gaps are then filled with mortar or other types of fillers. Cleaning the gaps can be quite tedious. A stamped version of natural stone, on the other hand, have gaps that are stamped onto the overlay. This means the gaps are merely a deeper imprint caused by the stamp mat, making it a lot easier to clean.

Learned a lot about patios? Well if you’re planning to get it done with your pool decks, browse through our services or visit our next blog about pool deck resurfacing tips and tricks.

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