5 Patio Ideas for the Holiday Season


The Holiday season is around the corner and homes are beginning to dress up like little Christmas houses inside snow globes. To let the neighborhood know that you are feeling the Christmas spirit, why not decorate your wooden or stamped concrete patio? Not only will it show everyone how enthusiastic you are about the holidays but it will also help boost the moods of everyone passing by.

1. Use Non-traditional Colors

Red and green have always been the colors of Christmas. However, it is not a mandatory thing so go use non-traditional colors such as blue, white, purple, and even black! Just make sure that your decorations depict anything that is related to the holidays like Christmas tree ornaments, candy canes, wreaths, and more.

2. Go Large But Few

Decorative concrete patios do not have to have a lot of decor to make it look festive. A few large items are enough to make it look attractive. Choose large Christmas tree ornament and hang a few along the roofs. You can also wrap large boxes in Christmas gift wrap and put them just beside the doorway or along the stairway.

3. Bring the Tree Outside…Where it Belongs

Why not welcome guests with a Christmas tree before they even knock? Put a Christmas tree beside the door and make sure it is decorated with ornaments and ribbons. If you can afford it, you might also want to add some lights so it stays aglow during the evening, amusing passersby and providing illumination for anyone coming home or coming by.

4. Line the Door Frame

Boost walls and door frames with concrete styles and designs that are easy to do during the holidays. Just add a wreath or a Christmas tree liner along the door frame and accentuate with various ornaments.

5. Go All Out

If you are really enthusiastic and feeling outright festive, why not indulge in patio decor? Starting from the stamped concrete colors, all the way to the door knob, make everyone know that every bit of you, and your house, is eager to welcome the holidays. Add red and green throw pillows to your patio furniture. Add a life-size Santa or reindeer along the lawn. Do everything you want to do but just make sure there is space left for you and your family and friends to hang out!

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