How to Fix Concrete Driveway Damage

A concrete driveway, be it a long or short stretch of concrete, is quite an investment. No matter how hopeful a homeowner is for it to hold up and last longer, the possibility of wear and tear is there. It is exposed to several damaging factors, including weather changes and vehicular traffic. When the concrete driveway starts showing signs of damage, there is no need to freak out. Sometimes, these only affect the top layer of the slab. If this is the case, most types of surface damage can easily be repaired.​

Non-Working Cracks

There are many reasons why concrete cracks. Non-working cracks are those that do not recur. These can easily be repaired even on your own. You first have to open the crack further and create an inverted V gap. Clean it, making sure that it is free of loose dirt and debris. Fill it up with a filling agent and smoothen the top, ensuring that it is level with the surrounding surface. If the crack is too big, insert a backer rod before inserting the filling material.​

non-working crack

Working Cracks

You know a crack is working if it keeps reappearing in the same spot even after several repairs or a complete concrete replacement. These are often caused by improper subgrade compaction or recurrent soil or water movement underneath the slab. It is not recommended to seal such cracks since it will keep reappearing. The best thing to do is to engrave a pattern that involves the crack. This will make the crack look like it is part of the design and it will give the slab the freedom to move without creating new cracks.​

Potholes and Spalling

These often happen in batches, meaning there is always more than one appearing in the concrete driveway. It would be such an exhausting task if you have to fill each one up. The best recommendation is to resurface the entire driveway with a stamped overlay or spray knockdown texture. Driveway resurfacing will effectively cover up damage and give the driveway a more durable, more appealing, and damage-free surface.​

Oil or Grease Stains

Although stubborn stains are just superficial, they can be an eyesore. Remember that the concrete driveway greatly enhances curb appeal, and stains are just not something anyone would want to see. With driveway concrete staining, you can easily cover up ugly stains in a color that would be most suitable for your home’s exterior.​

stained concrete driveway

Hire only a trusted concrete driveway contractor to handle your curbs. If you want to know more, check our homepage or read our next blog on recommended concrete resurfacing options.

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