How Thick Should Concrete be for a Driveway?


The wrong measure of thickness paves the way for a faulty concrete driveway. Cracking and crumbling tell you of this. Instead of rolling your vehicle to a seamless surface. You feel bumping, and the tires pick up pieces of concrete.

Before you go and call a concrete contractor to repair your driveway, it will help that you know precisely the standards for the outdoor flooring. There is a specific requirement for each concrete floor, indoor and outdoor. 

Types of Vehicle Traffic

Here are some of the common flooring types you need to be aware of and their typical traffic.

Type of Outdoor FlooringTraffic
Front entrywayslight to moderately-heavy
Exterior walkwaysmoderately-heavy
Forklift park-waysmoderately-heavy to heavy 
Parking areasheavy
Drivewaysmoderate to heavy
Truck Drivewaysheavy

Minimum Thickness

Now, the driveways will average from moderate foot traffic to heavy traffic, since it is used for vehicles. Vehicles that come in and out of the driveway varies. Every day you use this area for transitioning vehicles.

This can be trucks or four-seater wheels. The load that these types of cars will add a factor to how heavy the tire-traffic the concrete encounter on a daily basis. 

With this said, the standard thickness for driveways’ footing is at a minimum of 4 to 5 inches. Consider too the type of cars that will usually drive through your properties. For small vehicles and with typical car tires, you need only the minimum thickness.

You would not want to overdo your driveway and pay for the massive industrial type of flooring for the outdoors.

Soils and Supporting Structures

The slab edge must be thicker than the driveway’s main slab. Usually, the edges will measure 4 to 8 inches. 

The structure of the soils must also be considered. The soft ground must be avoided as long as possible. If this is the case, supporting subgrades on the sublayers must be fortified first. Steel reinforcement is added before constructing the driveways floorings. 

There are two types of reinforcement to use for the minimum 5 inches of the driveway thickness, a wire mesh measuring one-half inch of size is the standard material to use. If the driveway requires more massive loading capacity, steel rebars are the ones to use. 

Knowing these facts will help you be guided when having a driveway repair. You will also be able to sign a considerable deal with contractors you will work with.

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