Why Epoxy is King for Garage Floors

Clean and appealing, garages can look precisely this. How? With epoxy – known as the “king.” 

It is the absolute provider of superior solutions to high-functioning spaces. Epoxy for the garage floor has distinct patterns that exude innovativeness, beauty, and artistic craftsmanship. 

The coarse to fine chipped patterns suit a workspace that is always into action with cars, machines, “dad tools,” and heavy equipment. 

organized and clean garage

What is Epoxy & Why is it the King of Garages?

Is it not those hardworking, dynamic mechanical dudes and ladies who love getting greased and dirty? The garage space is active. You might be an individualist and love putting on the busy mode and add checks on your garage duties to-do list. Or, you love inviting your peers and co-garage workers and have your full attention on the wheels!

While having your ride accessorized and pumped up, the floor receives all the dirty job downside. Grease, oils, and chemicals keep on the surface for a long time. Most problems are brought by hard stains that have built-up for months of neglect. 

It is unnecessary to change your garage routine, maybe. Then, probably what you need best is to revamp that area with epoxy! Thus, it is the garage spaces’ true King!

Epoxy flooring is a resinous compound mix with polymer hardeners. It is a pure solid material. First, it comes in a liquid surface, then poured over a concrete slab, and as it cures, a strong, super tough flooring base emerges. 

So what does this superior “King” serve you? Here are the reasons summarized for you!

1. Protective

Epoxy coats the floor with absolute protection. It resists impacts from equipment and heavy objects falling on the ground. So the surface won’t crack or be damaged with dents, chipping, and peeling. 

It also waterproofs the surface. Water, unknowingly to most, can cause more significant damage. Concrete that is exposed to too much dampness for a long time can easily break. This is caused by substrates weakening. 

The coating also protects the surface from extreme temperatures. This makes epoxy a fire hazard eliminator. The floor does not react to fire quickly. When severe heat touches the surface, it won’t burn. Unlike if you have bare concrete when heated tires or machines that warm-up contact the surface, dark marks are created. 


2. Proactive

A high-performing floor needs durability that lasts. It should withstand immense foot-traffic. Coating the floor, especially on automotive showrooms and garages, the surfaces will sustain its quality. Its beauty remains. 


What can heavy traffic in your spaces do? Well, it will quicken the wear and tear. Standard concrete can last decades. If it receives constant interaction with people, 24/7, the strength and resistance decrease. 


A constant visit of guests and clients coming from everywhere can bring in stains of all sorts. Unknown and unwanted stains can be stressful to end. With the help of this masterful coating first, muds, chemicals, etc. can be removed in a breeze. 


Yes. That is the power of epoxy. It is always at work. Your business spaces are 24/7 protected and active. It’s resisting harmful elements that can ruin your garages and workspaces.

3. Productive


An engineer and entrepreneur once said, “Always deliver more than expected,” famous words of Larry Page. A true leader and a king of a brand know that productivity sets higher scales. A productive area like the garage does not only meet completing projects. 

With flooring like epoxy, it does more than what is expected. Having beautiful floors does more than decorative purposes. Creating a polished and clean space makes people want to finish more than expected.

If you’re going to turn any area at your home or offices into a productive spot, enhance it with Decorative Concrete Surfaces. If your garage is not anymore used for parking or keeping your tools, you can have this revamp into a service or repair shop.

On a high note, produce more and then invest with superior flooring. Not only that, you can work comfortably too. Turn a space productive and profitable.

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