Epoxy Floor Paint and Epoxy Coating: What’s The Difference?

When it comes to resurfacing garage floors, epoxy is the first thing that comes to mind. Why not? It is a durable material that seals off the floor, protecting it from abrasion, stains, and other damage. However, there are floor owners who complain about how the epoxy coating they bought failed them, only to find out that it was a paint, not a coating.
To set the records straight and forego all confusion, let’s talk about the difference between epoxy paint and epoxy coating.

Concrete Sealing with Epoxy Coating

An epoxy flooring is a solution made of 1 part resin and 1 part polyamine hardener. This product is meant to be applied on a garage floor to protect the slab underneath from damage. Companies that manufacture epoxy coatings started using the term “epoxy paint” as part of a marketing strategy. Consumers often search for “epoxy paint” when they really meant “epoxy coating”. Manufacturers noticed this and started marketing their epoxy coating as epoxy paint to make a sale. As a result, the buying public thinks they are one and the same.

Epoxy concrete sealers either consist of 50% or 100% volume of solids content. The percentage refers to how much of the product will be left on the concrete surface after it has cured completely. The higher the percentage, the more durable it is but the more difficult it is to apply because of its thick consistency. Make sure to check the volume of solid contents prior to making a purchase. If you’re looking for epoxy flooring Los Angeles services, we’re here for you.

Epoxy Paint for Garage Flooring

Epoxy paint is just like any other acrylic or latex paint, only with an added ingredient: epoxy. The purpose of adding epoxy is to enhance the durability and adherence of the paint. If you see “1 part epoxy” on the label, it is indeed just paint and not a garage floor coating. Although this can be painted on garage floors, it is not as durable as an epoxy coating. One indication that it is not as tough is how thin the consistency is and how easy it is to apply. The thicker it is, the more durable it is after it has cured.

One notable difference between epoxy paint and coating is its cure time. Epoxy paint dries faster than a coating. Because the coating has more epoxy content, the curing process takes much longer.


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