5 Tips in Designing Your Dream Garage

The garage may be the last area of a house that would need some designing, but you would be amazed at its importance. The most common perception of a garage is dark, dirty, and dingy. It does not have to be this way. In fact, it can transform into your favorite place once you have designed it to your liking. Here is a quick guide on how to easily design your dream garage.

Choosing a Color Scheme for the Entire Garage

Let’s look at the big picture first, shall we? What exactly is the look you are going for? If you have a specific theme in mind, like a race track or Formula One type, you know you have to use mostly white, red, and black on the garage flooring, walls, and ceilings. If you don’t have a theme, think of your favorite colors and incorporate it with another matching or complementary hue. For example, if you like neutral colors like beige, gray, or black, choose another stronger, bolder color to go with it, like blue, red, or orange. Use the neutral colors on most areas and the bolder colors in small doses.

black car inside the garage

Deciding on a Garage Floor Material

Concrete garage floors are often exposed to impact, spills, grease, and other unpleasant elements and events. Make sure to choose a floor material that can endure all these and look good in the process. Garage epoxy flooring is a highly recommended coating for concrete floors. It creates a seamless surface that is resistant to most types of damage. If you are worried that it will not look as good as you think it would, rest assured that epoxy is a customizable coating. It can be made to look like granite or terrazzo by broadcasting paint chips on the first layer of concrete sealing with epoxy. An epoxy garage floor is also very easy to clean and maintain.

epoxy flooring with chips

Bare Walls or Decorative Walls

If you will be hanging a lot of stuff on the walls of your garage, better stick to a simple material and color. Having too much gone on on the wall will only confuse you and make the garage look messier than it really is. Plan ahead as well if you want to add some stickers or murals to your walls. Try photoshopping a photo of your garage wall with the design you wish to add to it. This will give you a glimpse of how it would look like after and help you decide if you should push through with the plan or forget it altogether.

Planning Garage Storage Options

Everyone knows that a garage is also a storage area for most items, be it related to cars and woodwork or not. It is important to choose storage options that would give every item in the garage its proper place. Do not buy storage boxes and bins in advance. Make an inventory of your items to know which types of storage options will benefit you the most. Opt for built-in cabinets, boxes and bins on wheels, and a pegboard.

garage floor installation optimized

Ceiling and Lighting

Do not ever ignore the ceiling. Whether you like it or not, it is part of the garage so it better look good and function well. The ceiling is also a great sport for even more storage, like for surfboards, bikes, and other bulky but lightweight items. Lighting should also be appropriate for the entire garage. You would want bright lights to aid you in car repairs or woodwork. Add some special lights above a workbench, too, for work that needs extreme attention to detail.

Found what you were looking for? If you’re contemplating on modifying your garage,  let us help you! We’ve got great flooring services to suit your needs. If you want to know more, visit our homepage or read about our next blog on poolside slip injury prevention.

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