Battle of Deck Material: How Hot Does it Get?

A pool area is supposed to be a relaxing place where you can cool down. But what if the pool deck gets too hot that it burns the soles of your bare feet? Not cool, literally. When choosing a material for the pool deck, it is important to choose one that you can walk barefoot on, even in the warmest of days. Here, deck materials are put to the test to see which material would perform better on a pool deck.


Concrete, Wood, and Other Pool Deck Materials

  • Concrete and wood. 
    Some of the most common materials used on pool decks. Between concrete and wood, concrete is a cooler material to use. It is known to store heat and coldness and later release it when needed, also called thermal mass.
  • Bricks
    This is also a cool material but homeowners find it too costly as compared to concrete.
  • Asphalt & Other Synthetic Material
    Any synthetic material is more likely to get hotter. Asphalt, for example, has a tendency to heat up and soften under tremendous heat.
  • Tiles
    This is a traditional cool material used for pool decks, however, the rate of slips and falls on its slippery surface is too high.

Cooling Down Existing Concrete Pool Decks

Although concrete is already reigning supreme as the coolest material compared to wood and synthetic materials, there is a way to make it even cooler. Concrete cool decking is an acrylic concrete coating that is sprayed and knocked down on the surface of a concrete deck to give it that non-skid surface. It is designed to stay cool despite being exposed to the hot sun for long hours. The pockets created by the spraying and knocking down of the material allows cool air to circulate around the foot, keeping it cool all day. It is highly popular because it can be applied to an existing deck and it is quite affordable and easier to maintain.

The temperature of a pool deck, when exposed to the heat of the sun or air, is a huge concern for pool owners especially if they have kids and pets. Hot decks will compromise the safety of the children and yours, too. It also affects the fun and enjoyment that every single one should be having around the pool area. You can add a shaded area around your pool deck to maintain a spot that is really cool to the touch or you could get a cool decking to keep the deck cool with the least effort.

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