Ideas for Concrete Staining on Interior Floors

Concrete staining is one of the most sought-after decorative concrete options in Los Angeles, California nowadays because of its capability to enhance plain concrete at a fraction of the cost of more expensive methods. Be it water-based or concrete acid stain solutions, it provides enough vibrance and drama on a floor, giving it that star quality that is common in the LA area. For those homeowners who are interested in concrete staining Los Angeles CA services for indoor use, here are some ideas.

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Use Vibrant Concrete Stain Colors

When it comes to stained concrete floors, the most common colors that come into mind are those with earthy tones. However, this need not be the case. Both water-based and concrete acid stains come in a variety of brighter colors to choose from. Some of the most popular hues nowadays are aquamarines, subtle pinks, and purples. These concrete stain colors enhance the indoors and adds the right brightness on interior floors.

Choose a Complementary Color

If bright colors are not preferred, the safest option would be to choose a complementary color for staining concrete. If the interior decor and design are more on browns, then choose a stain that is somehow close or complementary. This can be tan, beige, chocolate brown, terra cotta, orange, or red. If this is quite a tough decision to make, it is best to consult a professional concrete contractor or designer to give you color options to choose from.

stained concrete interior floor
Add a Layer of Protective Sealer

A stained concrete floor can be enhanced further with the right transparent sealer. Not only will this protect the floor from scratches, it also makes the stain last longer. Certain abrasives can also be added to the sealer to improve traction and create a non-skid surface, perfect for indoor kitchens.

Opt for a Professional Stained Concrete Los Angeles CA Installation​

Although DIY staining is quite the hype nowadays, it is still best to have a pro who knows how to stain concrete efficiently, do it. Not only will precious time and energy be saved, homeowners would also get the best possible results without any need for a back job or a repair. Stained concrete may seem simple but, if not done properly and if the stain concrete product is not top quality, then expect a floor that looks terrible or one that does not last very long.​

Have cracks that stains cannot cover? Don’t worry! Hiring professionals also helps you seal those damages on your concrete. Read more here about concrete crack repair solutions.

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