Top Benefits of Stained Concrete

Remodeling concrete floors can be quite a roller coaster ride. It is both an exciting and worrisome home improvement project. The same is true for staining concrete. However, there are more reasons to be excited than worried especially if it is handled by a professional contractor who knows how to stain concrete with utmost precision and efficiency. Here are the top reasons why most residential and commercial property owners are fascinated about concrete staining in Los Angeles CA.

Stained Concrete Floors are Durable

Because it is applied on concrete floors, a stained concrete floor is as durable as it can be. Also, stains are often topped with a transparent sealer to further enhance its colors and to serve as a protective layer against fading, scratches, and moisture.

Stained Concrete is an Economical Option

Concrete staining can be done on existing floors. This means there is no need to have the old surface taken out and then replaced with a fresh mix of cement, which is obviously a thrifty solution. Concrete stains can make an old floor look very new, elegant, and classy at a cost much lower than other flooring materials.​

Beautiful and Highly Customizable

There is a wide selection of concrete stain colors that home and business owners can choose from. It can be applied in single or a multitude of colors, depending on the desired design. Also, the two types of stains, namely concrete acid stain and water-based stain, provides different effects. The former produces random and creatively unique patterns whereas the latter produces more consistent, opaque designs.

Stained Concrete Surfaces are Low Maintenance

Whether a floor is applied with a water-based or acid stained concrete solution, both provides a surface that is very easy to clean and maintain. A first look at a stained floor would often give an impression that it required tremendous polishing and expensive floor cleaning products to be able to be as vibrant and shiny as it is. Which is why most people are quite surprised at how simple it is to stain concrete and how manageable it is in the long run. Just a simple sweeping or a gentle mopping would keep it looking like brand new.

Good for Indoor and Outdoor Applications

The great thing about stained concrete in Los Angeles CA is that it can be applied on both indoor and outdoor floors. It is able to withstand weather changes when applied on patios, pool decks, front entry ways, sidewalks, and even driveways.

Has stained concrete peaked your interest? You’ll be happy to know that there’s more! read through our next post about the top benefits of having stained concrete floors.

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