Stained Concrete Colors and the Effects on Energy and Emotions

Concrete is often grey when it dries but sometimes it has a brownish or white hue, depending on the mineral content of the mix. Regardless of its actual color, not everyone is satisfied with how it looks. Concrete stains were created to make it possible to color concrete. This is one of the most popular methods of coloring concrete. It penetrates past the surface and comes in a wide range of colors. The color you choose should affect your mood in a good way. Here are some of the basic colors for staining concrete floors and how it can affect the way you feel.

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Red is an intense color. It is a great color to use on the floor of a room where people often gather, like a family room or a recreation room. It stimulates excitement and lively conversation.


This is a fun and lively color. It is great for use in kitchens, living rooms, and even dining rooms because it makes the room bright and it enhances how sunshine hits the windows. It is also ideal for use in small rooms because the bright color makes the room look larger than it is.


The effect that blue brings depends on the shade of blue you will be using. Brighter and lighter shades are relaxing and refreshing to look at. It is great on the concrete floors of a bedroom or living room.


This color promotes comfort and togetherness. It is a great color to use on any floor in any room inside the house. It is also great for outdoor concrete surfaces. It can calm you down, help you relax, and it makes you feel more rested.


Orange tones are thought to help release emotions and increase energy levels. Although it is a great and bright color, it is ideal for use in home gyms and study rooms to help increase enthusiasm.

The psychological effects mentioned here happen may not be the same for all people. If there is a color you really like, no matter where or how it is used will never affect the fact that you love it and it makes you happy. Just make sure that it does not compromise the rest of the room. Design, after all, is still integral in every interior room or outdoor space. To discuss more colour options for stained concrete, consult a flooring pro. Ready to read more about flooring options? Check out this next blog about staining colored concrete.

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