Decorative Concrete as a Concrete Crack Repair Solution

Concrete is a durable flooring material but, just like all other materials in the world, it could experience wear and tear because of foot traffic, age, weather changes, natural ground movement, and more. The most common reason for a concrete patio, pool deck, interior floor, or driveway repair is the development of cracks. Fortunately, there is an affordable solution to resolving such issues: resurfacing concrete.

Evaluating Concrete Damage

Before we discuss concrete resurfacing, let us first know how we can determine how severe a crack is and if it can still be remedied by concrete coatings. Here is a list to help you identify if you can avail yourself of a patio, pool deck, or driveway resurfacing service:

  • Cracks should be under ⅛ of an inch in width for an overlay or coating to be effective. This can still be filled with an epoxy filler or disguised by a custom scoreline. Anything that is about a quarter of an inch may require a concrete removal and re-pour.
  • Is it superficial or something deeper? The way to determine this is by checking if there is any sign of moisture or rust coming out from it. This could indicate damage in the structural foundation or extreme water movement underneath.

If the cracks seem to be getting bigger or wider, then there is serious movement going on under the slab. It is highly recommended to consult a professional contractor to find a way to work around this.

concrete floor crack

How to Repair Concrete

Although there are a lot of DIY methods you could try to do concrete driveway repairs on your own, it is still advisable to seek the help of a professional that has experience in concrete repair Los Angeles services. This way, appropriate repairs can be applied. Cracks, depending on the severity, are often filled with epoxy or other caulking material. But before it is filled, it needs to be opened with a grinder and cleaned to remove any dirt, dust, or debris that may cause future damage. After the filler is applied or injected, the surface is leveled with the rest of the concrete floor and then left to cure. Once it dries, the resurfacing coating or overlay can now be applied.

Minimizing Future Concrete Repairs

Cracks are fairly common on concrete floors. However, you can minimize its occurrence to make the floor last longer, thus, preventing future concrete repair costs. Having a good subgrade is essential in preventing cracks. Make sure that your contractor compacts the soil well before concrete is poured. This will ensure that soil will not move too much especially when water flows within it. A contractor can prepare a special concrete mix that will be appropriate for your project. This may contain admixtures that can help minimize, if not prevent, cracks from appearing. You may also have a contractor add expansion joints or custom scorelines to give the slab some room to move. This will not only help minimize cracks but also create quite a decorative design on your concrete floor. if you’re looking for ways to repair your concrete pool decks, in particular, head on to this blog about pool deck remodeling ideas.

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