4 Signs That Your Pool Deck Needs Resurfacing Job

Having a pool area not only adds to the value of the property, it also becomes a great place for enjoyment, exercise, and leisure moments with family and friends. When summer comes back around, you would not want to delay all these just because your concrete pool deck is not in a condition good enough for use. An ugly deck is a total turn-off and a damaged one is a safety hazard. Before summer approaches, it is best to have it resurfaced now and get those concrete issues out of the way. Not sure if your concrete pool decking needs a pool deck resurfacing job? Here are tell-tale signs that it does:

1. Cracks

Cracks are never a good sign. However, not all cracks are major issues. Deep cracks that recur are indications of a deeper and more serious issue. This would require concrete removal and replacement as the cause may be in the subgrade or the ratio of the concrete mix. With more manageable cracks, a pool deck resurfacing will do. It effectively covers up minor cracks or filled up cracks, giving the deck a whole new surface that’s free from damage.

2. Scaling or Flaking

A brittle surface is weak and ugly. It can be tough on bare feet if you have to walk on loose sand and concrete bits. This can easily be resolved with resurfacing overlays and coatings for concrete pool deck, driveway, patio, etc. A thin layer of the surface just needs to be ground off to reveal a more stable layer. This is to make sure that the coating adheres effectively.

3. Stains and Discoloration

Concrete is quite a porous material so if anything spills on it, there is a high chance that it would cause an ugly stain or a discolored spot of some sort. Although these are harmless, it will do no good aesthetically. If the appearance bothers you too much, resurfacing the pool deck is a great way to acquire a better look. There is a wide range of colors and patterns to choose from, making a resurfacing job pretty exciting.

4. Tripping Hazards

Whether it is a hole, dent, or crack, surface issues can be tripping hazards. It can cause really bad injuries to both adults and children, whether they are out there to swim or just enjoy the outdoors. Before anything could happen, it is best to address the issues now at a cost that’s comfortable with you.

Concrete isn’t hard to maintain with the right contractor to help you! If you’re interested to know more about this flooring option, check out what it can do for your pools in autumn or just click though our homepage to get to know us more! We’d be more than happy to help.

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