5 Pool Remodeling Ideas that Won’t Break the Bank

When you think of remodeling, the first thing that comes to mind is how much an investment it would be. Some people save up for years just to make their pool and patio remodeling dream come true. Some just gave up on being able to accomplish one due to the rise in construction and remodeling costs. 

However, there are still affordable concrete options available in Los Angeles, California if you don’t want to throw your money into your pool.

Pool Deck Resurfacing

Having a textured concrete pool deck will help enhance the overall look of the pool area. You don’t even have to remove the existing concrete deck. Just resurface it with cool deck coatings or stamped overlays. A cool decking provides 30% cooler surfaces that are easier to walk on even during the warmest days.

A cool deck resealing system is also an effective method for repairing surface damage and covering up ugly stains and discoloration. Although already textured, the cool deck overlay can be sealed for added traction, protection, and aesthetics.

LED Lighting

Pool lighting is very important because it makes the area safe and entertaining even during night swimming. The lights can be installed on the deck, around the pool area, or even within the pool itself, submerged in water. The best light to use for this is LED bulbs because it saves energy.

So, you can keep the lights on every night without having to worry about your electric bill. It may cost high during the initial purchase and installation but the savings you acquire in the long run will be worth every penny.

Solar Heaters

Remember how your electric bill goes up during less warm weather? Then it is high time to switch to solar heaters. These rely on the heat of the sun to store energy. Solar panels have become a lot cheaper nowadays because more and more companies are already selling them.

This is perfect for LA homes and business because of the almost always warm climate within the area.

Variable Speed Pump

A variable speed pump is just like the traditional speed pump but with more energy-saving features. Instead of processing in one uniform speed, the variable speed pump allows the speed settings to be adjusted as needed.

Salt Water System

More and more people are transforming their swimming pools into salt water havens. This creates healthy levels of chlorine in the water. According to saltwater pool owners, the water is also friendlier to the eyes and mouth and requires less maintenance than those with Chlorine.

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