The pool area can get pretty hot especially during a really warm and humid day in Los Angeles. Staying exposed to the sun’s heat all day, the temperature could rise to levels one is not willing to endure anymore. When your body is yearning for cool decking and pool water, here are some ways you could lower the temperature in the pool area:

1. Cool Deck Resurfacing

The hot sun can turn any pool deck into a hot plate. It can be an inconvenience having to walk around the pool deck in flip flops and then taking them off for a swim. For hot concrete pool decks, one great way of cooling it down permanently is by using pool deck cool resurfacing products. A cool pool deck is easier to walk on because it stays 30% cooler than other pool deck materials. This spray-on cool deck overlay is highly heat-reflective and slip-resistant. The good news is that the cool deck resurfacing procedure is fast and easy so you can have yours coated now before Summer settles down in the area.

2. Pool Coolers

A pool cooler is similar to a pool heater but with a contrasting purpose. The water flows into the heater, passes through a fan which cools the water down, then goes back into circulation cooling the rest of the pool water. A pool cooler is an effective way of cooling down pool water, being able to drop the temperature a good 10 to 15 degrees lower. It is, however, quite a costly and high maintenance investment.

3. Water Features

One easy way to cool pool water down is by adding a water feature. The most popular types are waterfalls and fountains. An aerator can also do the trick. Oddly, the best way for it to cool down water is by running the water feature at night. This way, the water feature takes advantage of the cool evening temperature and the pool water cools down quickly and more effectively.

4. Shade or Awning

If you don’t want anything complicated, then why not just add a shade or awning in the pool? It can be an umbrella, a makeshift fabric cover, or an extending awning. The shade will cover some parts of the pool from the heat of the sun. The result? The water in the shaded area stays cooler longer. If you could afford it, build some shaded features within the pool to give a place to rest and cool down while staying submerged in the water.

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