The Importance of Hiring a Licensed Concrete Contractor

When severe weather comes and goes, most homes and commercial spaces acquire damage on their concrete structures. It is at these times that several contractors, both local and out of town, suddenly come knocking on your door or calling your phone lines to offer their services. While it seems tempting, it is crucial to check on the contractor before you think of hiring him. Regardless of how urgent you need one, it pays to make sure that you hire a licensed concrete contractor. Here’s why:

No Risks Involved

Hiring someone who is unlicensed involves a lot of risks. There is the risk of getting low-quality results, receiving incomplete services, and spending more money than originally agreed upon. They often give the lowest bids but then start to demand more and more money during the project. Maybe they won’t ask for more money but they will exert minimal effort in meeting your expectations. A licensed contractor, on the other hand, has a name and a reputation to protect so they make sure they give their best every time.


Reliable contractors are those who make sure they bestow upon themselves the responsibility of having their company licensed, insured, and bonded. This means they are willing to be accountable for the services they provide, whether the feedback is positive or not. It takes someone responsible enough to make an effort to get licensed and listed as one of the local concrete contractors in the town.


When the end result of a commercial or residential concrete repair or construction isn’t what you talked about or if it could use a little tweaking, a licensed contractor will come back and fix it. Most services provided by licensed companies come with a warranty. An unlicensed contractor may not be that willing to do so or might not even take the blame at all.


Hiring a licensed contractor puts you in a protected zone. In case a worker encounters an accident on-site, you won’t have to be liable since they are insured. Anyone licensed in the industry will do work according to city or state building codes and standards. If this is the case, you can rest assured that your concrete floor or wall is durable enough to last long. Botched jobs open result in weak and unsafe structures, making it unsafe around you and your family.

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