Commercial Pool Deck Repair: When to Call a Contractor

When it comes to pool deck damage, it can be quite tempting to make DIY repairs. DIY fix instructions can be found anywhere in the web and patching kits are available in hardware stores. After all, who wouldn’t want to save money on a quick fix? DIY repairs for minor cracks that don’t require too much attention can be managed by handy pool owners. However, there are pool deck damages that need to be dealt with by licensed professionals. So when can you DIY and when should you call a contractor? Read on to find out.

visible crack on the concrete floor

When are DIY Repairs Applicable?

Before you head out to buy patching mixes, ask yourself if you have all the time to spare, if you’re prepared for the coming frustrations and if you have all the tools you’ll need.

If you notice that there are small barely there cracks on your commercial concrete pool deck, then it might be worth it to give it a try.

Who’d want to call a contractor for that anyway? Small cracks can be patched up with resin fillers available in your local hardware. Remember to make sure that you’re fully equipped before going right in.

When To Call a Pool Deck Repair Contractor?

As mentioned earlier, there are pool deck damages that are better left to the pros. In which case, save yourself from the stress and dial their number right away. Don’t attempt to make DIY repairs for these because they might be a sign of structural damage.

Leveling and Lifting Concrete

This happens when the soil under the concrete slab moves and shifts. This causes the concrete to lift in certain areas and makes the pool deck uneven. Leveling and lifting maybe caused solely by the movement of soil or by improper construction.

lifting concrete on the pool decks

Deep Cracks

Cracks are also caused by a variety of reasons. It happens because of soil movement, freeze-thaw cycles, lack of control joints or too much water in the concrete mix. When the cracks run too deep, this may be a sign of structural damage.

deep cracks on the pool deck


Leaking anywhere on the concrete pool deck isn’t a good sign. If you notice this, call your pool deck contractor to have it assessed. Leave it to them to detect the cause and to fix it.

Pool deck repairs should be done as soon as any problems appear. If you want to save time and money on costly repairs, don’t miss out on pool deck services. Regular maintenance will also contribute to avoiding problems in the first place. For more information on pool deck repairs, visit our homepage or read through our next blog on Pool deck repairs options.

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