5 Driveway Designs for A New Home

Having a new home is like a dream come true. There is this feeling to want everything to be perfect, from the rooftop down to the driveway. A concrete driveway in Los Angeles cannot just be beautiful. It also needs to be durable enough to withstand the consistently sunny California weather. So why not design driveways to have both? Here are some ideas:

concrete driveway los angeles
Stamped Concrete

Stamping patterns on a concrete overlay is one of the most popular ways to enhance a concrete driveway. The great thing about stamped concrete is that you can make it look like a more high-end type of material. You can opt for a flagstone, slate, cobblestone, or brick driveway design using just a concrete overlay and a stamp mat.

Colored Concrete

There are many ways to color concrete. It can be a pigment odr powder type of colorant that is mixed with concrete. But if you already have an existing driveway, a concrete stain is an ideal option. You can use one color or mix and match several for a more customized look. Just make sure that a coating of concrete driveway sealer is applied afterward to make the color last longer.

Exposed Aggregate

This type of driveway paving has been used for decades. It is still a popular choice nowadays and more design options have become available. Now, you can choose different colored stones and it can be applied in a specific pattern or design to make your driveway stand out in a neighborhood. You can choose from small pebbles to large, smooth, round rocks. Just make sure that a slip-resistant sealer is applied to improve traction.

Rock Salt Finish

This is quite a controversial type of driveway finish because most people think that rock salt is harmful to concrete. This is done by broadcasting rock salt on a wet, newly laid concrete driveway. It is then pressed into the concrete with a trowel or a roller. This is then left to dry and cure. Once the concrete is hard enough, the salt is removed with a pressure washer. What’s left is a speckled surface with tiny indentations where each grain of salt was. You may want to consult a professional concrete contractor in Los Angeles for this type of finish.


An asphalt or blacktop driveway is one of the most affordable options. This is a petroleum distillation residue that is used to pave roads, parking lots, and other outdoor surfaces. Asphalt is a popular choice because it is durable, even from exposure to deicing salts and the freeze-thaw cycle during Winter. It also provides maximum skid resistance even when wet.

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