5 Pool Deck Remodeling Ideas for In Ground Pools

Imagine a framed painting. No matter how much of a masterpiece the painting is, the frame could influence its overall appeal. The same goes with an in-ground swimming pool. It needs to be framed with a beautiful pool deck while also providing a functional space for walking, sunbathing, or simply hanging out. If yours is not doing what it is meant to do, a concrete pool deck remodeling might be something you should consider. Here are some great ideas to help you get started.

Know What You Really Want

Don’t just go with the trend or do what your neighbors have done to their swimming pool decks. Your pool deck must be improved in ways that would really satisfy your wants and needs. Your plan doesn’t have to be original, it just has to be something you would really like and something you and your family would benefit from. After making a list of what you want in a pool deck, discuss it with a professional concrete pool deck contractor to see which are possible for your budget and space, as well as what available alternatives are there to satisfy you just as much.

Choose Weather-proof and Slip-resistant Materials

The first thing that often comes to mind when choosing materials is whether it would look good around your pool. It is also important to choose according to a material’s resistance to water and weather changes. If you are going to remodel a pool deck, you would want something to last long enough for your investment to be worth it, right? Another thing you need to consider is to make your decks slip-resistant, whether or not you have kids at home. There are many pool deck resurfacing or refinishing services you can choose from to make the surface more textured and a whole lot safer.

Maximize the Space Wisely

The size of your pool deck must be taken into deep consideration as this will help you determine what can be done with it, whether you are doing a pool deck repair project or a complete remodel. If you have limited deck space, forget about bulky chairs, big tables, and all that fancy pool features like a spiral slide or a three-tier diving board. Opt for smaller or lesser features. You need space to walk around without being in danger of falling into the pool.

Improve Placement and Orientation

It is ideal for a pool deck to have some sunny and shady areas, giving you the option to bask in the sun or stay cool under a shade. If your choice is limited on this, you may create a small shaded area, like a cabana, where you can stay away from the direct heat of the sun. Also, optimize the use of your pool deck by highlighting key areas, like a great view or a waterfall. Position your furniture to face these, giving you something to be happy about as you hang out on the deck.

Create an Eye Candy

Nothing beats having to look outside and getting the opportunity to feast your eyes on a stunning pool deck. One of the most affordable things you can do is to have a pool deck coating or overlay applied on its surface to change the look and improve traction at the same time. You can choose from stamped, stained, or stenciled concrete overlays. Worried about cracks? Custom scorelines can be added to give the concrete some space to move while giving your deck a gorgeous, customized look.

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