4 Questions You Should Ask a Concrete Contractor

It probably isn’t new to hear advice that you should ask questions when you speak with the concrete contractor you are working with. However, it is important to ask the right questions. It may escape your mind while the contractor is right in front of you. Make sure you make a list of these questions and take note of the answers so you won’t have to ask them again. Here are some important questions you need to ask a contractor:

1. How Much Work Is Involved?

It does not take a genius to come up with this question but do not accept a vague answer. Ask for specifics. If it means you need to invite the contractor for a cup of coffee in your kitchen to buy more time for a more detailed answer, do it. Ask them to walk you through the process so you get a clearer understanding of the process. Also, ask how much preparation is needed, what equipment will they be using, and how much space would they need to do their work efficiently. This way, you can both come up with a plan for them to be able to do their work in the least invasive way possible.

2. What is the Specific Color and Pattern Used?

There may just a few colors on a rainbow, but in the construction and remodeling industry, the names of the colors can get very specific. If they show you a swatch of colors and patterns, make sure that you take note of the exact names of those you have chosen. If it isn’t indicated, ask the contractor. This will be helpful when the time comes that you want everything redone or if you wish to have the same color and pattern in another concrete space on your property.

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3. What is a Sealer, Why is it Needed, and Which is the Best Type?

Oftentimes, homeowners are not fully informed about sealers since it is not really the highlight of the entire project. However, it is a very important element because this will be the one sealing the surface the contractor has just worked on and it will be the protective layer of the slab long after the contractor has completed their job. Ask why it is needed, what additional benefits would it bring to the concrete slab, how many types are there and which type would work best for the space that needs it.

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4. How Will I Know if it Needs to be Resealed?

This is also one important thing that contractors fail to inform customers. Although sealers are important, it does have a short lifespan, especially on high traffic concrete surfaces. It is important to ask how long the sealer would hold out and what signs to look out for when it needs to be resealed. Make sure that you took note of the type of sealer used. You can’t use a different one on the old coating.

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