Sustainable Patio Design Ideas for Eco-Friendly Outdoor Spaces

Now that it’s almost summer it’s time to remodel your patio and take it to the next level. It is after all, where you’ll be spending most of your time on outdoor living. Giving it a good revamping will make it more inviting and aesthetically pleasing. This will encourage you to spend more time and enjoy the outdoors and beautiful sunlight. Remember to keep it eco-friendly so you can practice effective sustainable living. In this article, we discuss sustainable patio designs for creating environment-friendly outdoor spaces. Don’t just be about outdoor life, be all about the greener life as well!

patio with lights & chairs
Energy Efficient Lighting and Lanterns

The patio is great for enjoying some much-needed natural light from the sun. However, it can get pretty dark when night falls if you don’t have ample lighting. When considering lighting for the patio, opt for energy efficient LED lights or lanterns that run through solar energy. This sets the mood for your patio at night where you get to enjoy a nice outdoor dinner or a round of cocktails with your friends.

rattan patio chair
Rattan Patio Furniture and Decor

Choose sustainable and ethically sourced materials for your outdoor furniture and decor. One of the most popular sustainable materials is rattan. Natural and ethically sourced rattan furniture and items have little to no adverse impacts on the environment. Rattan is an easily renewable material and sourcing it isn’t harmful to the environment. It is even a better alternative to wood wicker.

decomposed granite
Decomposed Granite for Landscaping

Decomposed granite is a natural derivative of one of the most commonly available igneous rocks. This makes it a sustainable option for use in landscaping. Naturally, eroded granite is excellent to use as ground cover. It comes in an array of colors because of its varying chemical compositions. It is a natural, versatile, affordable and permeable hardscaping material that won’t leave heavy carbon footprints.

concrete patio los angeles
Concrete Resurfacing for Remodeling

If your concrete is looking aged and worn out it can be an eyesore for the patio. Concrete removal and replacement can excessive when it comes to energy consumption. Concrete resurfacing is a greener option. This is because there’s no need to replace the existing concrete slabs. Instead, contractors perform thorough surface preparation and coating/overlay application to make it look brand new. Decorative applications such as stamped concrete overlays are available for aesthetic enhancement. There are eco-friendly resurfacing overlays and coatings and you can ask a trusted concrete contractor to know more.

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