Add Color to Your Garage with These 7 Tips!

You might not be thinking of your garage as the most fun place to decorate, but you should really consider it. It’s the last thing we see when leaving home in our cars and it’s the first thing we see when we come home. To really vamp up your garage, color is the easiest vehicle. Here are 8 tips for incorporating color into your garage.

epoxy flooring with chips
Add an accent wall to your garage

You don’t have to paint your entire garage blue but you can easily achieve a brighter look in your garage without overwhelming the senses. Choose a wall to decorate with color and leave the rest of the walls plain and bare. Do this by selecting a bright but calming color like blue or green and paint one side of the garage that color. You can further decorate by hanging pictures on the accent wall.

Use concrete staining

Your garage floors are probably a very boring grey right now but they don’t have to stay that way. Punch up the entire room by staining your concrete floors. You can choose from a broad range of colors or make it even more special by using a design or a pattern and multiple colors. Finish it off with a seal to make it glossy and polished.

Set up colored hooks for scarves and coats

An easy way to add design to your garage walls is to take advantage of all the outerwear your family uses and hang it up in the garage. Install colored hooks for a fun detail or mark the spot by painting the wall. Further, decorate and personalize the space by hanging up signs marking the hooks with the names of family members.

Decorate the garage door

Decorate both the inside and outside of your garage by decorating your garage door. Paint it a new color or install a new one that can bring color to your garage.

black car inside the garage
Hang up artwork

There is no room in the house that cannot be improved by well-chosen pieces of art, and the garage is no exception. Show off your eye for art and personality by selecting interesting and colorful works of art to hang in your garage. Just make sure they’re framed properly to avoid dirt getting on them!

Use storage bins to bring color

If you’re already using your garage as a storage space, take advantage of all the fun and colorful organizing bins you can find. Choose the same color for all your bins or create a fun effect by choosing various colors for all your storage bins. Stack them neatly on shelves for an organized, clean look.

Brighten with lights

Nowadays, lights don’t just come in boring old bulbs. You can get a whole range of hanging light fixtures that incorporate design and color with functionality. Mix and match light fixtures on your ceiling, walls, and floor for a bright modern feel in your garage.

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