Concrete Stamping : Costs & Pricing Considerations

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Concrete stamping is the process of adding patterns and designs on a concrete surface. This is done on newly installed concrete patios, pool decks, driveways, or any other outdoor surface. For older slabs, an overlay is first applied on the surface and then stamped and stained, depending on the customer’s desires. It is a highly popular concrete repair method for acquiring decorative spaces at a more economical cost. It is probably not new to learn that stamping is an affordable option. But just how affordable, you ask. Here’s a brief look.

Stamped Concrete Cost

The basic rate for stamped concrete is somewhere between $8 and $12 per square foot. When we say basic, it means it only involves one simple pattern and a stain color of your choice. The mid-range or intermediate cost falls between $12 to $18 per square foot. This involves two or more contrasting patterns, probably some border designs, and multiple stain colors. The high-end package costs $18 and more. This involves a lot of customization, featuring several patterns, intricate designs, hand-staining, and more. Feel free to ask your local concrete contractor for additional information.

Factors to Consider in Determining Concrete Stamping Cost

There is no specific stamped concrete cost. There are varying factors that could influence the overall costs.

  • Local Concrete Contractor Rates – Depending on where you are located, labor and material costs may vary per region. It is important to ask around and get several bids before hiring a contractor.
  • Size of Job – Since stamping is charged per square foot, larger concrete spaces cost more than smaller spaces. But for very small spaces, some contractors charge more because of the limited space they would have to work on. It would also require smaller equipment and limit the number of people who can work on it.
  • Pattern and Design – Complex designs require a more tedious process. Also, using more than one pattern requires the help of more people so the contractor needs to bring in more members of their staff. If the design requires staining, the use of more colors requires several preparations and applications. This would incur more charges.
  • Surface Preparation – If any repair is needed prior to stamping or overlaying, then it could add to the costs, depending on what the customer and contractor agree upon.
  • Additional Services – Some customers want more than just a pattern. Intricate scoring can also be added for a more elaborate design. Some spaces require expansion joints to make the slab last longer and function more effectively.

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