What’s the Sound of Your Concrete Floor?

In our many years of working with concrete floors and decorative concrete, we’ve heard a lot of myths. One of the most popular among these myths is a concrete floor’s “ability” to make homes louder and amplify echoes. This might turn out to be true in some cases, but the same phenomenon happens with all kinds of flooring, most especially if your home’s layout is extremely wide and open.

What Affects the sounds in a Room? 

Adding Furniture. In reality, the sound qualities of concrete floors are so much easier to modify than what you probably think right now. For example, a lot of people could say that just rearranging the furniture in their hallways and other spaces, can cut down the echoes and sounds that can be brought about by foot traffic. 

Adding Cloth Items. Adding rugs and carpets is a great idea. Which has the advantage if being easily moved when the time comes for a new design scheme.

Kind of Flooring Installed. A number of bamboos and hardwood floors are easily as prone to cause echoes as concrete but tile and stone would have the loudest echoing noise.

Decors and Ornaments. These include the presence of wall ornaments and décors like artworks and hangings and the size of the space in question. Notice how covering the windows with heavy curtains can mute echoes in a room.

Feel free to go online and research about different  ways you can mute or amplify the sound in a room. If you have concrete flooring,  you can go for decorative concrete overlays that could make your floors look stunningly beautiful without causing the noise that stone or tile can give. While there are many benefits to concrete overlays and refinishing, it’s not just limited to these things. You can go as far as imitating the looks of expensive flooring systems that would save you a lot at a fraction of the cost. Traditional hardwood floors can easily be achieved with stamped concrete and you can also go extra extravagant with marble-ish floors that go well beyond beautiful.

Always remember that concrete floors are not the only factors that could make up the acoustics of your home or commercial property. The way your space would sound is entirely dependent on the design and decoration of the home. Concrete allows you to experiment with ease.

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