Gravel Designed Driveways: Creative Ways to Enhance the Driveway Floor

Among the things, homeowners often do when enhancing the exterior of their home are landscaping, gardening, or adding new features such as a patio or a pool.
However, one often overlooked area is the driveway. A well-designed Los Angeles concrete driveway adds curb appeal to a home and increases its property value.
Gravel driveways are a popular choice due to their durability and affordability, but they can also be a design feature in their own right.
In this blog, we’ll explore creative ways to enhance your gravel driveway for your next concrete driveway restoration and make it a standout feature of your home’s exterior.

What is Gravel Designed Driveways?

Gravel-designed driveways can be combined with your existing concrete driveways. These are popular for homeowners who want an affordable, durable driveway option that looks great. Certified concrete driveway contractors make these.
Unlike cement or asphalt driveways, gravel driveways are made of loose stones or pebbles spread out and compacted to create a solid driving surface.
This makes them an excellent option for homeowners in harsh weather conditions. It can also serve as an accent to an existing concrete surface. They can withstand the freeze-thaw cycle and won’t crack like concrete or asphalt.

Countryside house with gravel driveway

Benefits of Using Gravel-Designed Driveways

Gravel-designed driveways offer a range of benefits over other types of driveways. Here are some of the top benefits of using gravel-designed driveways if you ever decide to get driveway replacement Los Angeles:


Gravel driveways are generally more affordable than other types, such as concrete or asphalt.

Low Maintenance

Gravel driveways require very little maintenance compared to other driveways. They won’t crack like concrete or asphalt, and weeds or grass growing in the gravel can easily be removed.

Easy to Install

Gravel driveways are easy to install and can often be completed in just a few days. They also don’t require heavy machinery, making them a great DIY homeowner project.


Gravel driveways come in various colors, sizes, and textures, allowing homeowners to customize their driveways to suit their home’s exterior.

Good Drainage

Gravel driveways offer excellent drainage, which can help prevent water from pooling on your driveway and causing damage.


Gravel driveways can withstand harsh weather conditions, such as freezing temperatures and heavy rain, without cracking or breaking.

Different Design Options for Gravel Drives

When designing your gravel driveway, there are various options to choose from that can add visual interest and curb appeal to your home’s exterior. Here are three different design options for gravel drives:

1. Colored Stones and Pebbles for a Colorful Design

One way to add personality to your concrete driveway Los Angeles CA is by using colored stones or pebbles. This can create a unique, eye-catching design that complements your home’s exterior. Some popular colors for colored stones and rocks include red, blue, green, and black. You can also mix and match different colors to create a one-of-a-kind design. Just make sure to choose stones and pebbles of the same size and shape to create a uniform look.

2. Pavers to Create Patterns in the Gravel

Another option for enhancing your gravel driveway is incorporating pavers to create patterns in the gravel. This can add texture and visual interest to your concrete driveway Los Angeles and create a more stable driving surface.
Popular paver options include brick, concrete, and stone. You can use pavers to create borders, pathways, or designs within the gravel.

English old house with gravel driveway and plants on each side

Incorporating Curbing Into the Driveway Design

Incorporating curbing into your driveway design can help define the space and create a clean, finished look. Here are some tips you can do when you incorporate curbs into your driveway designs:

  • Choose large tile or checkerboard patterns instead of the more rustic look of stamped stone.
  • Go with a simple color scheme favoring white, gray, or charcoal tones, sometimes enhanced by bolder accent colors.
  • Add subtle texture in keeping with a modern aesthetic using seamless texture skins. Broom finishes are another great way to texture plain concrete lightly.
  • Incorporate large rectangular, square, or diamond-shaped patterns separated by narrow strips of stone or grass.
  • For maximum curb appeal, keep your current concrete driveway harmonious with your home’s color scheme and surroundings. Although decorative concrete is meant to dazzle, it should never be distracting.

Add Personalization and Functionality to a Gravel Driveway

Adding personalization and functionality to your gravel driveway can enhance its beauty and practicality. Add an address marker, decorative borders, or lighting to your driveway for personalization. An address marker or a metal address plaque can help guests easily find your home. Decorative borders can add flair to your driveway, while lighting can enhance its visual appeal and provide safety and security.
For functionality, consider using your gravel driveway to redirect water away from your home’s foundation by creating a swale or using a perforated pipe beneath the gravel. You can also create designated parking zones using pavers or stones or add an accessible walkway for guests who require mobility assistance. These functional features can make your driveway a practical and valuable addition to your home.


Gravel-designed driveways are a great way to enhance your home’s exterior. You can incorporate many design options and features into your gravel driveway to make it more visually appealing, personalized, and functional. Proper planning and materials allow you to create an attractive and durable gravel driveway that will last many years.
The next time you need driveway refinishing Los Angeles, hiring concrete driveway contractors like Decorative Concrete Surfaces will help you to bring your driveway design dreams to life. Our experienced and knowledgeable contractors can help create the perfect gravel-designed driveway for your home that will leave you satisfied and happy! Contact us today to start making a beautiful, functional gravel driveway at your Los Angeles home.

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