How to Create Art Deco Styles for Every Room in Your Homes

luxurious living room area with chairs and white stairs

Do you want to live in a home with timeless glamour and sophistication? Take inspiration from Art Deco, which started in the roaring 20’s.

It shows off the striking blend of simple and intricate details that make every homeowner’s dream. You may think that a priceless Art Deco is a distant reality, but with this expert guide on designing your home, it’s a cinch!

Keep on reading as Decorative Concrete Los Angeles walk you through these steps to add Art Deco flair to every room in your home. Find out-of-the-box ideas like using epoxy to add metallic accents to the floors and more! Get ready to be greater than Gatsby!

The Art Deco Home: What Sets It Apart

When Art Deco emerged, people back in the 1920s to 1930s meant embracing the rise of modern technology and the desire to step far from tradition. It feels and looks high-end since it came from a transition period of intricate classics to straight-edged modernity. Talk about the best of both worlds!

You could identify it with highly detailed and symmetrical shapes or patterns, metallic accents, deep colors, and lavish ornamentation. Metallic accents can be gold, silver, or copper.

And rich colors meant velvety hues or jewel tones like emerald green, sapphire blue, ruby red, and deep shades of purple, navy, or black. You can apply classic decor and modern designs to every interior room.

You can also use innovative methods such as resurfacing an old, worn-out floor with Epoxy Floor Los Angeles. Or, how can a Parisian vintage piece upgrade your bedroom’s comfy ambiance.

Let’s learn the techniques.

Grand Foyer/Entryway

It’s a perfect time to make a grand entrance with Art Deco. Start by adding fan-like designed mirrors with metallic accents to create an illusion of enlarged ambient space.

But leave some room for curiosity because the grandest should be the main parts of the house. Add a simple floor design to the foyer, like curved or regular checkered stencils.

Or better use 3D epoxy flooring to make the patterns lasts longer. Unlike tiles, it looks polished and seamless because it doesn’t have grout spaces. It makes a clean entrance that does not easily harbor dirt from the outside.

grand black stair case with chandelier

Living Room

Upon entering the living room, a grand Art Deco crystal chandelier should greet you as a striking centerpiece.

To complement this statement, consider incorporating a big circular geometric flooring design with alternating colors similar to the checkered pattern you used in the foyer.

Doing that will create a cohesive flow throughout your home. Your sofas should also be in plush fabrics, like velvet, chenille, leather, or mohair. They must also have metallic holders with patterns like sunbursts, zigzags, and chevrons.

Glam Garage

Let’s not forget about the garage since it also deserves some glam. Make your garage floor more forgiving to tire dirt with dominantly dark color and dashes of metallic epoxy.

Similarly, using geometric shapes and metallic-patterned accents is best for cabinetry and tool storage since it creates an organized look. 

Transform your garage into an Art Deco masterpiece with the creative use of epoxy flooring. Check out the awesome qualities of using epoxy flooring for your garage!

Dining Room

There will come a time when you will invite people, not only to your living room but to dinner. That’s why your dining space has to be fun and thrilling. Consider filling empty spaces by playing with patterns using ornate details like tropical wallpaper designs.

You can also apply the mirror and metallic rules in the dining room to create a well-lit entertaining space, helping you have a clear view of your food.


In an Art Deco kitchen, glimmery textures and symmetry accentuate every element, which improves functionality and navigation. That said, choosing durable materials like concrete and epoxy is smart.

Not only do they offer practicality, but they can also create a stunning marbling effect on your countertops or floors. Continue adding sass with brass on handles, faucets, rims, or edges. Balance angular items and circular-edged furniture like your bar seats or cabinets.


Art Deco bathrooms are not only for comfort seekers but also for the whimsical. Consider adding decorative elements you wouldn’t typically find in a traditional bathroom. Use a vintage interactive play wall or a quirky-looking towel holder.

Try angular or spherical themes for sink cabinets, mirrors, and sconces. Whether you prefer a bold, edgy look or a softer, more organic feel, the choice is yours.

Suppose you want to divert from the regular checkered flooring pattern. In that case, you can experiment with 3D Epoxy flooring designs and create ornate custom designs.


To achieve an Art Deco bedroom, start by focusing on the bed. Opt for a low-slung, geometric headboard with clean lines, and dress it with luxurious linens in either rich hues or a monochrome theme.

For enhanced eye comfort and a good night’s sleep, it might be best to use dark patterned or textured walls. Also, increase style points with a plush, shaggy rug and a curved streamlined dresser or vanity.

Feel free to mix and match a few artful touches, like a sculptural lamp, a planter in a unique shape, or a vintage collection.

white and pink themed bedroom

The Priority Feature Of Art Deco

Art Deco is the epitome of class, from the luxurious brass and velvety hues to the geometric patterns. But these will only work together if you create a seamless floor design.

Suppose you need help to start from the base. In that case, epoxy floor Los Angeles professionals can provide the perfect sleek and shiny finish. With a bit of creativity and attention to detail, your home can become a modern-day homage to this iconic design movement.

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