Top Floor Patterns for a Victorian Home Decor

A timeless style transcending home decor, interior designing, and the decorative concrete industry is ruled by the only Queen Victoria. No wonder a whole era is named after her. Victorian architecture started from 1837 to 1901 during the Queen’s reign in Great Britain. 

Centuries after, her rule never seems to leave the earth as her days of reign resurface among homes. Modern contemporary design continually incorporates Victorian styles by designing and creating motifs to enhance a living rooms, dining areas, and others. 

The Victorian style imbibes a balance of intricacy and straightforwardness. You know a Victorian setting when you see elaborate structures, solid, natural colors, and play of different materials. It brings a timeless look that gives the flooring a distinct and elegant appeal. 

In this blog, get to know the popular patterns suitable for the floors at your home.

1- Bordered & Framed Floors

Remember how you create your homework on paper with borders drawn around it? That style is Victorian-inspired. Mansions and big houses also include frames on the steps they walk on.

This theme’s genius uses bold, linear lines to accent a bare, vast space. The inspiration you can get here is to maximize the floor to add extravagance to the home’s style. Having massive floors back in the day may have inspired the architects to add designs on the bare pavement. 

This is why Victorian-style houses and properties have solid, bold outlines and vertically built frames around windows, walls, and doors. So, you can have it on the decorative, stamped floors or overlays, too.

Here is a list of popular Victorian floor border patterns you can get for your concrete floors using decorative concrete resurfacing.

victorian furniture

Melville Border

Usually comes in a theme of royal dark blue background color, alternating white squares and patterned number squares.

Kingsley Border

It has vertically, it has chained slanted squares in contrast with chrome and cerulean or purple and washed-golden color.

Bronte Border

It has a subdued tone of washed, warm and neutral colors. Usually, an outer lining of cream or ecru with an accent of rustic brown or mahogany. The inner patterns have a monochromatic chain of slanted squares or tiles.

2- Tiled & Diagonals 

The invention of tiled ceramic and flooring materials is definitely inspired by the Victorian era. The massive floors are the main spot for people’s gatherings and socialization. 

A host will invite guests home and gather them for ballrooms in a vast hall. The only main attractions of the room are the broad, clear vacuous floors. Usually, the galleries and entryways will have patterns of tiled floors.

Here is a list of common tile patterns you can resurface on Victorian-style concrete flooring.

victorian home color


The color theme is white with blend and warm, earthy colors. A tile will have a compass pattern as the central theme of the design.

Cambridge Tile

It has a straightforward pattern of alternating green and white. The colors are usually subdued to match the Lansdowne border with designs of squared small tiles and a thin dash of outer lining. 

Chelsea Pattern

This consists of hexagonal shapes as the central theme of the tiles. It usually comes in white or Dover white colors with alternates of beige or chestnut-colored tiles.

Ready to get a pattern or texture stamped onto your floors? Thinking about getting it stained with rich colors? We’d be happy to help you! Our team of expert concrete contractors has been in the industry for over 40 years, and we’d love to make your dream floor design come true. Interested in reading more? Check out our blog about pouring a new concrete layer over old concrete.

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