Ambient Outdoor Ideas for Designing Your Backyard Pools

An ambient backyard pool provides a space where you can have a mental breather. If you need ideas to do that, you have come to the right place!

Let’s dive into eight ideas to help you create an ambient pool environment you can enjoy all year round, from resurfacing with stamped concrete pool deck to adding ergonomic lounges.

What Makes An Ambient Backyard Pool

Pool design plays a significant role in achieving an ambient feel. It should blend seamlessly with the outdoor space and incorporate elements that create a tranquil atmosphere. Find pool deck ideas that appeal to you and begin outlining your options.

Ambient night backyard swimming pool

Signature Stamp

Fixing your pool deck should be your top priority, as it sets the tone for the entire pool area. Choosing visually light and uplifting materials is the secret to an ambiance that makes you embrace the outdoors.

Stamping concrete is famous for pool decks since they give that decorative option and are affordable and highly durable.

With stamping, you can copy the feel and look of a natural stone or wood or make a unique, striking design. For instance, you can add an emblem for every few meters of regular stone stamping

Art-Deco Pool

Swirly design patterns on your pool surface can add an artistic and unique touch to your pool area. Whether you choose a pool plaster or a custom vinyl liner, this design feature creates an inviting and elegant intricacy that will spark joy and excitement in everyone who uses your pool.

Art-Deco Wavy Stairs

You can add a wide, curvy pool staircase to any pool shape, like angular, circular, or irregular. It creates a graceful and natural look that resembles the sea waves. Additionally, the wide-width step makes entering and exiting the water safe.

You may also add colored borders for better navigation. But if you prefer a more minimalist look, you may forego that or add a subtle one to keep the area clean and streamlined.

Tropical Lush

Create a tropical paradise around your pool with lush palm trees and colorful flowers. It is a theme that can fit any architectural style because it adds a vibrant and elegant feel. 

Yet suppose you reside in a colder place. In that case, you can still incorporate rock formations, local plants, and everything on this list to create your tropical island backdoor.

Tropical pool with palm trees surrounding

Gentle Swim Haven

An ambient pool should excite you to dive in without worrying about your hair frizzing up or finding pool clothes that won’t fade with chlorine. A reason why saltwater pool became more popular is that it creates a softer and silkier feel.

Elemental Ambience

Aside from rocks and plants, water and fire are two elements that will balance the ambiance. Make your spa-like resort backyard with the relaxing sound and look of water features and the warmth of the fire.

You can use a two-in-one feature like fire bowls with water bowls to create a beautiful contrast. But if you want to add more seamless water features, try laminar, cascades, and reverse infinity pools.

Eco-Friendly Illumination

Color-changing solar pool lights can add a fun and festive touch to your pool area. The sun is a renewable resource, so using it for power is eco-friendly and cost-effective. Strategic placement can make your plants or water features more exciting and mystical.

Vibrant Ergonomic Lounge

Make a statement with your poolside furniture by choosing pieces that complement your pool deck and landscape. Add pops of color and personality with mixed patterns and bright or pastel hues. For ultimate comfort, opt for ergonomic and durable seating options, perfect for lounging under the sun.

At-Home Oasis

Creating an ambient pool area requires careful consideration of various elements, from the pool deck to the pool surface, staircase design, lighting, landscaping, water features, and furniture. 

Among these, stamped concrete pool deck should come first, as it carries all the visuals and safety of everything else in your pool. Transform your pool area into a functional and visually striking at-home oasis with the tips above. Our team of concrete contractors Los Angeles is more than ready to get the job done.

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