Knowing the Right Pool Deck Surface Ideas

Getting into the trend of adding swimming pools in your backyard is often a very exciting venture. However, keep in mind that building pool decks requires tremendous designing and planning. From the design concept, to the layout, all the way to the type of materials, there are a lot of things to consider. It is highly recommended that you discuss with a professional concrete pool deck contractor to make sure that all areas are covered and that you are getting enough information regarding all the options available for you in your area. But to get things started, here is an overview of the things you must deeply consider in building decks for swimming pools.

Overall Pool Deck Style

Often, when we plan a pool deck, we immediately imagine how it would look like once everything is finished. Find pool deck ideas that tickle your fancy and start listing down your options for:

  • Color theme
  • Shape
  • Texture
  • Materials
  • Decorative elements

Make sure that each one complements the other. There are a variety of options out there but choosing the right ones that go well together should always be a priority.

Pool Deck Maintenance

When deciding on a material for your pool deck surface, it is important to ask these questions:

How much maintenance am I willing to put into it?
Do I have the time and budget to perform regular maintenance?

If you could, choose pool decking materials that are durable enough to withstand outdoor wear and tear. There are many low-maintenance options out there that are ideal for people who are busy and those who do not want to put too much effort into regular cleanups and sealer reapplications. One of the most high-maintenance is pool deck pavers. The joints and gaps between each piece can be a pain to clean especially if weed and moss start growing in them.

Safety on the Pool Deck

Whether you have kids or not, safety will always be a very important factor that must be considered when building a pool deck. Choose textured materials that do not get too slippery when wet. Add railings where needed and choose those that are made of non-slip materials as well for that added grip. You might also want to consider materials that do not absorb too much heat to prevent burns on hands and bare feet. Ask a professional deck builder for additional options for safe deck materials.


If you want to know what to check in a decorative concrete contractor, read through our blog and skim through the list. We’re sure you’ll get the quality service you’re paying for!

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