Creating The Backyard You’ve Always Dreamt Of

We know that you’ve always been dreaming about having a backyard that’s so homey that you could practically live in it. Spending warm afternoons and relaxing backyard dinners are always worth thinking about. That’s why we Concrete Coatings Specialists Inc. are telling you about an essential backyard accessory: the patio. Now when it comes to relaxation and peace and everything that comes with it, a plain, rough and cracked patio does not support these things. So how do you make this possible? It’s through concrete resurfacing. It can take your concrete from looking boring as a gray slab to a beautiful work of art. Whether your backyard needs a new, improved patio, a better walkway or even an enhanced pool deck, our experts can do the job in the fastest, most durable way.


Our concrete resurfacing products can be apply to all kinds of concrete surfaces, even if they’re decades old or shaped in a weird way. If you think your patio is way past saving, our premium Sundek products can actually make your patios look brand new. The overlay systems that we use blend polymer resins with cement, sand and other additives to enhance and improve almost everything on your concrete surface and its existing base cover. We see to it that the surface’s aesthetic is maximized. We can achieve a brick-stone look for your patio. Even the simplest enhancements made to your patio can add a lot of style to your backyard. You can also choose your own design that could be applied as stamped concrete on your patio. Special shapes and textures inspired by your favorite styles can be applied to the surface.


Not every backyard is a spacious and large piece of area. That’s why not all homeowners prefer to have a big slab of concrete on their yard. Some still prefer to have a simple dry space to walk on. Walkways often helps make your home’s backyard more accessible. But when they’re made up of concrete, it’s hard to make it look like a really great enhancement of your backyard—not until you have it resurfaced. A concrete walkway can be redone to make it look like an inviting path, a romantic walkway or a lovely trail all leading up to your beautiful home.

Pool Decks

A pool deck with a dull, boring gray concrete is not an inviting are for you to swim. It would feel like you’re in a common community pool. If it’s currently made up of that, we can do the job of rejuvenating your pool deck without ever having to tear out the concrete. When homeowners design their first pool, they often fail to consider the creative concrete finishes that could be done and applied to a basic concrete surface. A plain concrete slab can be turned into a colorful space that’s made up of stamps, stencils and stains. A look of expensive tile can even be imitated. A large scale stone pattern is essentially ideal for a pool’s style. A textured concrete trimmed with brick borders or thin stone borders can blend in nicely with in-ground pools. And what’s even better is that our protective Sundek products can do a nice work on shielding your deck from salt, pool chemicals, UV exposure, abrasions and more.

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