3 Awesome Finishes for Decorative Concrete

In a fluctuating economy, many homeowners are trying to save up on home improvement maintenance costs and cutting back on remodeling endeavors. They’re giving up their dream projects so that they could be able to save. But if you always wanted to have a beautiful concrete driveway, walkway or patio that will transform your home into something that boasts of a strong and fabulous appeal, you can still get a classy and high end look without even emptying your bankbook. Instead of spending money on premium and expensive concrete finishes, you’ll be able to achieve the same results with these three budget-friendly decorative concrete finishes. You’ll nut just save money, but you’ll also get a durable and low-maintenance concrete surface that’s sure to last for years to come.

Exposed Aggregate

With an exposed aggregate concrete finish, you’ll be able to achieve marvelous effects to your concrete at a very reasonable price because few additional materials for this type of finish is required. To get this kind of look, we can just simply place the concrete and then remove the top layer of cement by scrubbing or pressure washing to reveal the aggregate embedded within. There many types and sizes of decorative aggregate available that can achieve unlimited colors and textures, both varied. An exposed aggregate finish is ideal for a durable and slip resistant exterior concrete surface.

Rock Salt Finish

This one is a traditional and easy way to apply a subtle texture and slip resistance to any type of concrete, whether it’s plain or colored. The salt leaves a speckled pattern dents on the concrete flooring, similar to that of a slightly pitted, weathered rock. The pattern may not be that exquisite or elaborate, it has a specific, distinct look that cannot be achieved by any kind of method there is. Rock salt finishes are attractive on its own, but it’s particularly stunning when used with a combination of colored concrete and other decorative concrete finishes. What makes this even better is that it also requires few additional materials and tools for it to be achieved, therefore keeping your costs within the budget.

Brooming and Borders

If you are on a very tight budget, you can still go for a finish like this with amazing results by mixing stamped or stenciled concrete borders with amounts of less-expensive plain or broom-finished concrete. You can also use contrasting colors to give you concrete surface more slickness and style.

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